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Our Products

We hire out a range of wheelchairs, knee scooters, bath lifts and other mobility products. Please select a category below for further information on the products available. If you need assistance in choosing a wheelchair, please see either our guide to choosing the right equipment or contact us for further advice from a product specialist.

Delivery and collection are covered by a charge of £15 (ex VAT) each way (except Tilt in Space wheelchairs - please call us for a quote), which we take at the time of order.

Adult Wheelchairs

We offer a number of adult manual wheelchairs, to cover a wide range of uses. All our wheelchairs are self-propelled to allow the user to move themselves, and the large back wheels make for a smoother ride over bumpy ground when being pushed. Many of our wheelchairs are made of lightweight aluminium and can be folded for ease of storage and transport. Elevated leg rests are available for those with lower leg injuries, and we can cater to heavier users with wheelchairs capable of taking up to 50 stone.

Children's Wheelchairs

We offer children's wheelchairs for younger wheelchair users, with a range of options available. Both paediatric wheelchairs and small adult wheelchairs are available, and we can provide them with elevating leg rests for those occasions when a child has a broken leg or similar injury.

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs, or comfort wheelchairs, are advanced manual wheelchairs designed for people who have to spend extended periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may not be able to support themselves. They come with anatomical cushions, elevating leg rests and the ability to tilt and recline the wheelchair. We are also able to provide advanced positioning supports and tray tables for tilt in space wheelchairs when required.

Knee Scooters

Knee Scooters and Leg Trolleys are designed to aid in rehabilitation of those with foot and ankle injuries. The knee and upper shin of the injured leg is rested on the padded cradle, and the user can walk around ensuring that they still get sufficient exercise. Our Leg Trolley is designed to be extra-manoeuvrable for indoor use, while the Knee Scooter can be used both inside and outside. Both products are suitable for injuries such as broken feet, sprained ankles, ruptured achilles tendons and fractured heels.

Power Assisted Mobility

Power assisted mobility can help take the strain of pushing a manual wheelchair around. We supply powerpacks that can be fitted to our wheelchairs, allowing an attendant to control them.


Ramps are designed to enable wheelchair or scooter access to properties that may not have yet been suitably adapted. They can be used to overcome small steps, thresholds and kerbs. We offer transportable ramps that can be carried around on a wheelchair or scooter ready to be placed in position when necessary.