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Canopies And Accessories

We have partnered with a select group of firms to be able to offer our customers a range of accessories for their scooter or powered wheelchair.

Scooter Accessories

We have partnered with two leading distributors of scooter and powerchair accessories, to offer our customers a wide variety of options.

Kozee Komforts are a well established business, having operated for nearly 50 years. They manufacture and supply a vast range of scooter and powerchair accessories, as well as daily living aids. This includes covers, bags, stick holders, ramps and waterproof clothing.

Simplantex have a similarly large range, which includes sturdier scooter shelters and all weather wear.



We do not typically recommend traditional scooter canopies to customers, as they suffer from a number of pitfalls, being hard to remove during warmer weather, restricting visibility, and causing stability issues. However, the Scooterpac overcomes many of those issues.

The Scooterpac is a unique canopy released in 2015 that can be quickly folded down to fit in a bag on the back of your scooter, then folded out again when you wish to use the canopy.

The one-size-fits-all design cleverly fits on the vast majority of mobility scooters on the market - this means that if you are hiring a scooter from us, you know you will be able to transfer your Scooterpac to another scooter in the future.

Scooterpac also produce the prestigious Cabin Car, a fully enclosed mobility vehicle, which we supply. This overcomes all the problems traditionally associated with canopies, having a heater/fan, windscreen wiper, rear-view mirror with reversing camera, and other luxury features.


For further information on our range of accessories, including requesting a quote, please contact us to speak to our customer services team.