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Technical Specs
  • Weight: From 5.4 st (34 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 20.4 st (130 kg)
  • Seat width: 16 or 18 in (41 or 46 cm)
  • Seat depth: Adj. 16.5 - 19.5 in (42 - 50cm)
  • Seat height: Adj. 16 - 19.5 in (41 - 50cm)
  • Seat angle: 0° to 25°
  • Backrest height: 21.5 - 23.5 in (55 - 60cm)
  • Backrest angle: 0° to 35°
  • Armrest: Removable
  • Footrest: Swing away, removable
  • Overall width: 26.7 in (68 cm)
  • Overall height: 34.2 - 37.4 in (87 - 95cm)

Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Our couriers are currently unable to deliver Tilt in Space wheelchairs, so we are only able to offer technician deliveries, which can be carried out in London and the South East. To order the wheelchair with a technician delivery, please call us on 0800 025 8005.

Our Tilt in Space wheelchair is designed for those that need to spend longer periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may also need assistance with their posture. The wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to help the user maintain the correct posture, as well as assisting with even pressure distribution. Anatomically shaped cushioning ensures that it is a true "comfort wheelchair", and also ensures that the necessary postural support is provided.

Key features:

• Comfortable for extended use
• Maintains posture
• Tilts and reclines
• Accessories available

We supply two different models of tilt in space wheelchair - the self-propelled Sunrise Medical Breezy Relax 2, which is pictured and has its specifications listed to the left, and also the Invacare Rea Azalea transit wheelchair, which our fleet is being changed over to.

The Breezy Relax can be reclined from 0° - 35°, and the seat can be further tilted from -3° - 25° - these assist with both comfort and posture, as well as helping with transfer into and out of the wheelchair. The elevating leg rests are fully adjustable, allowing them to be set up exactly to the needs of the wheelchair user. The wheelchair comes as standard with an 18 inch seat width; however for slender users, we can provide a Breezy Relax 2 wheelchair with a 16 inch seat width.

Additional support is provided by two lateral supports (not pictured), which are positioned on either side of the seat just below shoulder height. The standard headrest helps to keep the head in the proper angle, even when the user is tilted backwards, while a three-wing adjustable headrest is also available should the wheelchair user require additional support to either side of their head. A removable pommel comes as standard with the wheelchair, which is positioned in the middle of the front of the seat and helps prevent the wheelchair user from slumping to either side. Should it be required, a slide-on tray table can be provided to allow the wheelchair user to easily eat meals when in the wheelchair.

While we do not currently supply pressure cushions, for those needing more advanced pressure care, the standard seat cushion can be easily removed, allowing a pressure cushion to be fitted instead. As these are more clinical, they will require a special assessment from a healthcare professional. If the wheelchair user requires pressure care, we would therefore recommend speaking to your healthcare professional for advice on sourcing cushioning.

The Invacare Rea Azalea offers the same features as the Breezy Relax, with a 25° seat tilt and 30° backrest recline. The seat width can be adjusted between 15 - 19 inches, offering more flexibility with seat sizes. The Rea Azalea comes with smaller transit wheels rather than the large 24 inch self-propelling wheels found on the Breezy Relax.

Additionally, our Wheelchair Powerpack and Heavy Duty Wheelchair Powerpack can be fitted to the Rea Azalea, helping to ease the strain of pushing both the wheelchair and occupant. Please note that due to the heavier weight of the Azalea wheelchair, the Wheelchair Powerpack can only be used for patients up to 11 stone, while the Heavy Duty Powerpack can be used for patients up to 18 stone.

On both wheelchairs, the attendant push handles are height adjustable and come with brakes; additional parking brakes can be found at the front of the wheels. Both the Breezy Relax 2 and Rea Azalea are fully crash tested, making them suitable for occupied transportation in a suitably adapted vehicle.

We deliver all Tilt in Space wheelchairs ourselves with our own technicians carrying out a home setup and demonstration. Due to the advanced nature of the chair, and the variety of delivery options available, we would strongly suggest calling our customer services team on 0800 0258 005 to place an order.

The minimum hire charge is £100 (ex VAT) which covers you for up to two weeks rental. This offers a highly competitive price given the advanced nature of the Tilt in Space wheelchair, and also includes the next-day replacement service. Our flexible hire periods mean you only ever pay for two weeks rental at a time - making our Tilt in Space wheelchair hire an ideal solution for those that are unsure how long they may need to hire one for.
Weeks Price per week
1 - 12 £50.00 (ex vat)
After 12 weeks £35.00 (ex vat)
After 52 weeks £5.00 (ex vat)
Minimum Hire charge is £100. All prices exclude VAT. For more information on whether the user qualifies for VAT free status, please click here.