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Kuschall Champion Folding Wheelchair

Key Features:
  • Unique folding design
  • Feels like a rigid chair
  • Choice of aluminium, titanium & carbon
  • Ultra-compact Champion SK version
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Enjoy limitless possibilities with the Kuschall Champion - combining design with style and performance, it is the only truly rigid foldable wheelchair. Its unique horizontal folding mechanism results in one of the smallest possible active wheelchairs, yet retains all the driving performance of a rigid chair. The Kuschall Champion is available in your choice of aluminium, titanium or ultra-light carbon, as well as in an even more compact Champion SK version that folds up to a similar size as an A4 folder.

Rigid Ride, Folding Frame

Traditional folding wheelchairs have large, heavy cross-braces that flex when propelling, wasting your energy. The Champion has nothing of the sort - the single horizontal folding bar is completely unique to the Champion, and has set the benchmark for foldable wheelchairs since it was developed by active wheelchair pioneer Rainer Kuschall back in 1986. High levels of stiffness and rigidity result in unrivalled performance, while the minimal frame design keeps the weight low. When you wish to transport your Champion, only a single movement is required to fold both the chair and its backrest, and the soft locking mechanism on the backrest ensures it doesn't open when folded. The quick release wheels can be popped off, and the Champion can then fit neatly into even the smallest of cars. This makes it the ideal choice for active individuals who are constantly on the go.

Champion SK

If you want an even smaller wheelchair, the SK version is the smallest wheelchair of its kind. It offers all the features of the Champion, with the addition of the front frame folding too, tucking the legrests out of the way. When folded, the Champion SK is comparable in size to an A4 folder, making it the perfect companion for both day to day commuting and essential for any holiday destination. The SK version is pictured in white and red and can also be viewed in the video below. Available in aluminium only, the Champion SK is slightly more expensive than the standard Champion - but well worth the cost if you want the smallest folding active wheelchair on the market.

Seating and Configurability

Each Champion is bespoke built to meet your requirements and provide perfect positioning - it is available in a wide range of sizes, and each section of the chair can be customised, with different legrests, cushions, frame angles, and industry standards such as Spinergy wheels and Schwalbe tyres. Despite being a high-end lightweight chair, the Champion remains extremely adjustable, including the seat and backrest position and centre of gravity - allowing it to suit all individuals, and be reconfigured to changing needs and developing skills. The full Matrx range of cushions and backrests can be supplied for extra support and positioning to enhance your driving experience, and third party seating options can also be fitted if preferred.


With a wide choice of colours, configurations and options, you can express yourself with a wheelchair that perfectly fits your personality. Your choice of 13 frame colours is available for the aluminium Champion and Champion SK, while colour "power sets" - accents on bracketry, castor forks and rims - ensure your Champion captures attention. If your preference is for a titanium or aluminium frame from the Kuschall Prestige range, these accents are still available, while the scratch resistant frames retain their "brand new" appearance for longer. The Kuschall range is known for the elegance and aesthetic appeal, and the smooth lines of the Champion's frame are no exception. If you want a folding wheelchair with a clean, minimalistic look, the Champion is the obvious choice.

Our Verdict

The Champion is the definitive folding active chair - no other manufacturer has matched its rigid feel, and there is nothing else on the market that comes close to being as compact as the Champion SK. If you want a folding chair that doesn't compromise on performance, the Champion is the one to go for. The closest competition is Quickie's Xenon2 and Krypton F - these are lighter and have discreet cross-braces that offer a stiffer ride than normally associated with a folding chair, but don't match the Champion's responsive, rigid ride. What we particularly like is the choice of frame materials - each person has their preference from aluminium, titanium and carbon, and it enables everyone to enjoy the Champion's unique design.

Technical Specs
Frame type Folding
Frame material Aluminium, Titanium or Carbon
Weight from 9.2 kg (1.4 st)
Transport weight from 6.7 kg (1 st)
Weight capacity 120 kg (18.9 st)
Seat width 36 - 48 cm (15 - 19 in)
Seat depth 34 - 48 cm (13.5 - 19 in)
Front seat height 45 - 54 cm (15 - 21.5 in)
Rear seat height 39 - 49 cm (15.5 - 19.5 in)
Backrest height 30 - 46.5 cm (12 - 18.5 in)
Frame angle 75° / 85°

If you require further information on the Champion, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the wheelchair and the options available. We can also arrange for a free home consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration from a product specialist.

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