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Pride Raptor Mobility Scooter

Key Features:
  • Three-wheeler
  • Full suspension
  • 31 mile range
  • Large 16" wheels
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Pride's Raptor is a sleek and solid 3-wheeler scooter with an impressive 8 mph top speed and a lengthy range. It offers something different in a market dominated by four-wheelers, with much better agility, while full suspension and large 16" wheels allow it to perform off-road.

Four-wheeled scooters are more popular in the UK as they offer more stability and allow you to rest your feet on the wheel arches - ideal for larger people. Despite this, three-wheelers still have their advantages, particularly in manoeuvrability, but also as they have a sleeker more sporty appearance. With few large 8 mph three-wheeled scooters on the market, the Raptor is a valuable addition, although it will usually only be of interest to those accustomed to three-wheelers.

With a top speed of 8 mph, the Raptor is fast, and can travel a fair distance with its lengthy range of up to 31 miles on a single charge. It offers excellent performance outdoors, with full suspension backed up by large 16" tubeless pneumatic wheels, letting you drive off-road in comfort.

The 20 inch wide seat caters to people up to 28.5 stone, and features several manual adjustments, including a limited recline - although it must be noted that the seat cannot be rotated, which means it isn't suitable for those that need to turn the seat to get on or off the scooter. There is a large lockable storage area under the seat (pictured), allowing you to securely transport your personal belongings, although accessing this does require standing up and tipping the seat forward, which won't be possible for most scooter users.

High tech features include an easy to read LCD console that shows you your speed, battery life and distance travelled. The Raptor also has a full LED lighting package of front and rear lights, plus indicators, to ensure your visibility and safety.

Unfortunately, one of the main features of the Raptor in other markets was its high top speed, which in the UK is legally required to be limited to 8 mph. Despite this, the Raptor still has something to offer for those after a high performing three-wheeled scooter, and it stacks up well against TGA's classic Supersport, which is quite significantly more expensive.

Technical Specs
Width 27 in (69 cm)
Length 59 in (151 cm)
Weight 6.6 st (142 kg)
Seat width 20 in (51 cm)
Seating Adjustable, foldable
Weight capacity 28.5 st (181 kg)
Suspension Front and rear
Speed 8 mph (12.8 kmph)
Battery size 2 x 12 V (75 Ah)
Turning radius 60 in (151 cm)
Wheel size 16 in (41 cm)
Range 31 miles (50 km)

If you require further information on the Raptor, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the scooter, and also on the hire and purchase options available. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration.

All of our mobility scooters come with free delivery and set-up by one of our experienced product specialists when purchased or hired on a long-term basis or leased through the Motability scheme, to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and adjusted as necessary to your comfort. For short-term hire customers, there is a small charge for technician delivery.

We offer three months' free insurance with all scooters purchased from us. The cover is provided by market-leading mobility insurer Fish Insurance, and lets you get mobile straight away, knowing that you are safely covered.

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