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Sunrise Medical Quickie Puma 20 Powerchair

Key Features:
  • Choice of rear or front-wheel drive
  • Affordable prescriptive powerchair
  • Sedeo Lite and Pro seating options
  • Compact design
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The Quickie Puma 20 is an entry level prescriptive powerchair, roughly equivalent to Invacare's Bora. Formerly a Handicare product, it is now part of Sunrise Medical's offering. Compact yet capable, it is designed for a mixture of indoor and outdoor use, and uniquely can be set up with either rear-wheel drive for improved outdoor performance, or front-wheel drive for indoor manoeuvrability.

Two variants of the Puma 20 are available - the "Lite" and "Pro". The former comes with the Sedeo Lite seating, a more affordable version that has reduced options for customisation, but nonetheless is a significant step above the seating on "boxed product" powerchairs. The seat can be set up to your exact size, while powered lift and tilt modules are available.

The Pro variant comes with the award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system found on the Q500R/Q500F. This has the full range of customisation options one would expect on a prescriptive powerchair, with powered lift, tilt of up to 45°, recline and elevating leg rests available. More seating options, including backrests, cushions, headrests and armrests are available with the Sedeo Pro seat, and for those with more specific needs, this is the option to go for.

The base is the same across both versions - compact, stylish and robust. Compared to the larger Puma 40, it performs better indoors due to its compact size, at the expense of some outdoor performance. However, it must be emphasised that the Puma 20 remains very capable outdoors, with good suspension, higher speeds of 6 mph an option, while larger 74Ah batteries can even be fitted for an outstanding range of up to 26.5 miles. The Puma can also be changed between front and rear wheel drive at a later date should your requirements change.

Your choice of electronics system is available, including the Dynamic controls that past users of Invacare chairs will be familiar with, as well as the VR2 and powerful R-Net controllers from PGDT.

The Puma 20 is a popular powered wheelchair, ideal for people who need a chair that balances both indoor and outdoor capabilities. The Lite version offers an affordable prescriptive powerchair, while the Pro variant is often chosen as an alternative to the Bora and the Quickie Salsa R2. It is also one of the few non-bariatric front-wheel drive powerchairs still on the market, and is well-suited to those who are used to front-wheel drive.


Technical Specs
Width 24 - 26 in (61 - 65.5 cm)
Length RWD 43in, FWD 45.5 in (109.5 or 116 cm)
Weight From 12.2 st (78 kg)
Drive Front or Rear-wheel
Seat width Adj. 16.5 - 21.3 in (42 - 54 cm)
Seat depth Adj. 15.4 - 23.6 in (39 - 60 cm)
Seat height (excl. cushion) 16 - 20 in (40.5 - 51.5 cm)
Weight capacity 21.5 st (136 kg)
Suspension Yes
Speed 4 - 6 mph (6 - 10 kmph)
Range 15.5 - 26.5 miles (25 - 42.5 km)
Transit approved Yes

If you require further information on the Puma 20, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the wheelchair, and also on the hire and purchase options available. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration from a Quickie Professional.

All of our powered wheelchairs come with free delivery and set-up by one of our experienced product specialists when purchased or hired on a long-term basis or leased through the Motability scheme, to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and adjusted as necessary to your comfort. For short-term hire customers, there is a small charge for technician delivery.

We offer three months' free insurance with all powerchairs purchased from us. The cover is provided by market-leading mobility insurer Fish Insurance, and lets you get mobile straight away, knowing that you are safely covered.

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