A guide to hospital profiling beds for your home

Mon Oct 11 2021

Having a hospital profiling bed in your home can make a significant difference to your life.

Keeping you comfortable, supporting mobility and increasing independence are just some of the benefits that come with these electronically adjustable beds.

If you’re considering getting a profiling bed, but want to find out more to make sure it’s the right choice for you, be sure to read on to get the information you need.

What is a hospital profiling bed?

Profiling beds enable you to lie or sit in different positions whilst remaining in the bed. Typically electronically operated, profiling beds are adjustable in configuration and height. The base of the bed can have up to four sections, which can move independently or together, depending on the product you choose.

Why would you need a hospital profiling bed?

If you have difficulties with mobility, are spending extended periods of time in bed, are at risk of falls, or have carers visit you at home, a profiling bed can be beneficial.

What are the benefits of a hospital profiling bed?

Helps with mobility by keeping you safe

Since the bed’s height can be adjusted, it supports you with getting in and out of bed. This is a valuable feature if you’re at risk of falls. To reduce the risk of injury, having the option to lower the bed all the way to the ground is useful if you’re at risk of falling out of bed, particularly if bed rails aren’t suitable.

Keeps you comfortable

Being able to lie and sit in different positions helps keep you comfortable as the pressure on your body is reduced, alleviating pain and protecting against pressure sores.

Increases independence

Profiling beds are operated using a wired handset that can be clipped to the side of your bed. You’re able to control this yourself, which can mean staying independent as you’re able to self-transfer in and out of bed. Having that autonomy can boost self-confidence and is particularly beneficial if you live by yourself.

Supports carers

Being able to adjust the bed electronically makes it easier for nurses. Using the handset to reposition the bed’s user means carers are not having to manually move someone, plus raising the bed to a suitable height can support their backs.

Do you need a special mattress for a hospital profiling bed?

You do need to get a particular mattress if you’re getting a profiling bed. But there are many different types, so you can make sure the mattress suits you. Here are some of the different types you can choose from:

  • Triple Comfort Memory Foam - combining Reflex and memory foam, providing pressure relief and enabling the correct posture to be maintained.

  • Traditional Pocket Sprung Comfort - a traditional 8" sprung mattress made with comfort and support in mind.

  • Orthopaedic Comfort Reflex - made from Reflex foam and finished with a Coolmax two way stretching fabric; this has an outstanding look and feel.

  • Luxury Pocket Sprung Comfort - similar to the Traditional Pocket Sprung but with extra padding and a greater 9" thickness.

What are the key features of a hospital profiling bed?

Adjustable backrest angle

Being able to change the angle of the bed is crucial to your comfort and beneficial for accommodating different activities, such as eating, watching TV and sleeping.

Adjusting the backrest can also help if you suffer from breathing difficulties. You can reposition the bed to make breathing easier and get a better night’s sleep.

Adjustable knee break and footrest

The knee break means you’re able to bend your legs which can help with comfort and stop sliding from the bed. Having the option to elevate and lower the footrest can also help with circulation and pressure relief.

Adjustable height

As we mentioned above, the height adjustment is particularly useful if you’re prone to falls, whether that’s when getting in and out of bed or falling from your bed.

Side rails

You don’t have to have side rails and for some people they’re unsuitable. If you’re at risk of falls, however, they can help with safety. Just make sure that their height can be changed so they don’t affect your ability to get in and out of bed.


If you’re spending extended periods of time in bed or are unable to get in and out, having wheels on the bed means you can still move for a change of scenery. Just make sure they can be locked.

Emergency lowering

In the case of a power failure, having this feature allows you to still lower your bed which may be critical to your safety.

Headboard and footboard

If you’re tilting your bed significantly, a headboard and footboard can help with safety.


Looking after a bed and keeping it clean is key for safety and durability, so a wipe-clean surface is particularly useful.

Maximum weight

Weight is a key consideration when choosing your profiling bed. As they have different capacities, you’ll want to make sure the bed you choose is right for you.

Where can you get a hospital profiling bed?

Here at Wheelfreedom, our profiling beds are fully made-to-measure in a range of styles to match your size, requirements and bedroom décor. Our Chessington showroom features a range of profiling beds for you to try out to make sure you get a bed that suits you.

And profiling beds aren’t the only made-to-measure furniture we offer. Our rise and recliner chairs are valuable if you need support to sit down and stand up, if you are sitting for long lengths of time, if you’ve been advised to elevate your legs for medical reasons, or if you suffer from chronic pain. Plus, all of our made-to-measure rise and recliners are handmade in the UK as we’ve found this allows for higher build quality and better materials. To complete your living room set-up, we also offer a full range of complementary furniture including sofas, fireside chairs and more.

If you have any questions about our hospital profiling beds or any of our other furniture, give us a call on 0800 025 8005 to chat with one of our experienced product specialists.