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Paediatric Seating and Mobility

Our paediatric mobility division specialises in providing wheelchairs, buggies and complex seating for children of all ages.

Wheelfreedom's Paediatric Mobility aids

We offer a complete solution for all ages, from supportive buggies through to your child's first wheelchair, continuing through to teenage products to help prepare your child for adulthood.

Sourcing your child's mobility equipment from Wheelfreedom allows you to choose from a wide selection of the latest products, ensuring that a suitable and desirable one can be supplied, and our experienced assessors are on-hand to offer impartial advice.

We regularly test new products from across the market, and select the best products from each supplier to offer you a choice of equipment that we have full confidence in.

Our provision times are far faster than the NHS, as well as our range of products on offer, and we partner with Wheelchair Service providers to accept Personal Wheelchair Budget contributions towards the equipment of your choice.

Our showroom, assessment facilities, and workshop are unrivalled in the UK, and ensure you get the best service from first enquiry and throughout the lifespan of your equipment thanks to our back-up service.

Children's Mobility Products

We source products from multiple manufacturers to ensure that we provide you with a choice of high quality, reliable and modern equipment. Amongst our suppliers are:

  • Sunrise Medical Zippie - including active, tilt in space and powered wheelchairs and buggies.

  • Ki Mobility - market-leading US manufacturer with a focus on paediatric manual mobility.

  • Quantum Rehab - specialists in compact paediatric powerchairs and Leggero manual buggies.

  • Ottobock - manufacturers of manual wheelchairs and buggies, including the popular Kimba range.

  • Permobil - Swedish-made powerchairs including the innovative early-intervention Explorer Mini, and US-made Tilite active wheelchairs.

  • Invacare - trusted manufacturers of manual and powered paediatric products.

  • Karma - known for the unique Kameleon powerchair.

  • Progeo - Italian-made lightweight manual wheelchairs with a focus on design.

The products we supply include:

We also provide a select range of paediatric wheelchairs for hire to help when the requirement is short-term.

Permobil Explorer Mini

Permobil's Explorer Mini is a unique powered mobility device for children between the ages of 12 and 36 months.

Leggero Trak Buggy

Leggero's Trak buggy is designed for young children with complex seating needs and can be folded with a tilt and recline function.

Progeo Tenka Tilt 2

Tilt in Space Wheelchair
Progeo's Tekna Tilt 2.0 is a folding wheelchair that tilts and reclines with elevating legrests, suitable for children.

Ki Mobility Little Wave XP

Lightweight Active Wheelchair
Ki's Little Wave XP is a popular paediatric wheelchair, offering a range of features and growth at an affordable price.

Invacare Action 3 Junior

Standard Manual Wheelchair
Ivacare's Action 3 Junior is a customisable wheelchair which features an adjustable seat depth to adapt as your child grows.

Zippie Q300 M Mini Kids

The Zippie Q300 M Mini Kids is a paediatric powerchair from Sunrise Medical that has seating that can grow with your child.

Specialist Seating for Children

Children can have complex seating needs, and therefore, having appropriate seating and back support is essential. That's why we have taken the time to source seating options that provide comfort, promote the correct postural support, maintain skin integrity, and offer high levels of pressure relief. Our experienced assessors are able to prescribe for all requirements.

Our seating range includes:

  • Spex - flexible modular seating with endless possibilities, and a full range of adjustable back supports to solve all needs.

  • FormAlign - who manufacture an innovative mix of gel foam layered cushions and backrests designed with everyone in mind.

  • Jay - the leading supplier of cushions for all mobility seating needs, with a comprehensive range of back supports to enhance comfort and stability.

  • Roho - part of the Permobil family, manufactured using air cell technology, which gives outstanding skin and pressure protection.

  • Invacare - manufacturers of the unique pressure-relieving Vicair air seat and back cushions, and Matrx cushions for optimal pressure and comfort.

  • Axiom - seat and back cushions from Ki Mobility providing superior positioning and stability, based around pre-contoured shapes. Backrests are available in bright colours to stand out.

With a vast range of seating and positioning options available to us, we can always provide supportive and comfortable seating for your child.

Mobility Assessments for Children and Teenagers

Our industry-leading Chessington showroom on the Surrey-London border features a vast range of mobility products to try out, as well as our full selection of seating and positioning options. We have a private assessment room on-site that can be booked for your appointment with one of our assessors.

We are also able to carry out home assessments when required, across London and the South East of England.

Charitable Funding

We work closely with several charitable organisations, and our partnered charities are often able to assist with funding of your child's new equipment when required. Please contact us to enquire further about this.

Book your visit to Surrey's leading Mobility Showroom

Book your visit to our mobility showroom in Surrey to try a broad range of paediatric mobility products.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to speak a paediatric product specialist, to find mobility solutions for you and your child.

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