Approved Used Mobility Scooters

Approved Used Mobility Scooters

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enhance their mobility and independence. We also believe that it shouldn't break the bank. So, we've made the most of our ability to source second-hand mobility scooters from customers and demonstration stock to hand-pick top-of-the-range, premium branded models and make them available at a fraction of the RRP, through our Approved Used range. That said, reliability and quality is never comprised at Wheelfreedom so we ensure every scooter has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished by our experienced engineering team, then offered with a 1-year warranty.

Ordering and Getting Started with Your Mobility Scooter

All our Approved Used and Ex-Demo models are available for viewing at our showroom and you are of course more than welcome to take a look. Book online or call us to arrange a suitable time to visit. Alternatively, you might choose a scooter after viewing our range here without seeing it in-person.

Either way, once you've decided on a particular model you'll want to be up and running without delay, so we've made the process of getting you mobile as smooth as possible with our free-of-charge delivery and demonstration service. You'll also have the added security of knowing that there's ample opportunity for you to make sure the scooter is suitable but if you decide it's not for you we will issue a no-hassle refund.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose Your Scooter

  • Let us know which mobility scooter model you're interested in purchasing. Our team is happy to talk through any questions you might have.

  • Once you're satisfied and ready to proceed, we will process your payment and book a convenient day for delivery.

2. Delivery and Demonstration

We will deliver the scooter directly to your location anywhere within our service catchment area, where our technicians will:

  • Provide a full and comprehensive demonstration of the scooter

  • Address any questions you might have about using, maintaining and getting the most out of your new scooter

3. Refund and Return

If, within 2 weeks of delivery, you decide the scooter is unsuitable, we will arrange for it's return and process a full refund with no questions asked.

Trusted by Thousands, Celebrated for Excellence

We take great pride in having received an outstanding 2,300+, 5-Star Reviews for our products and services! This level of feedback is unparalleled within our industry, and it's a testament to the strong relationships we've built on our 17-year journey during which we've supplied tens of thousands of mobility aids to individuals all over the UK.

Underpinning our commitment to excellence is a deep level of expertise instilled in each member of our dedicated staff, who are ready to assist you with your enquiries and guide you through the process. From the moment you explain your needs, to the ordering, delivery, and collection of your wheelchair, our affordable prices and unmatched service ensure a hassle-free experience.

Explore the wealth of in-depth reviews at, to discover how Wheelfreedom can make a difference to your life.

Our Approved Used & Ex-Demo Range

Our Approved Used stock comprises second hand mobility scooter models for all budgets, tastes and requirements. Most of it is sourced from customers and demonstration lines. We already know these models inside out and we've hand-picked those which are of sufficient quality to be offered through our Approved Used range. 

Click here to see what's currently available, explore the range and find the right scooter for your needs, at an affordable price.

Ex-Demonstration Models

These former display models from our showroom, used for test drives and demonstrations, are comprised within the Approved Used range. There comes a time when an upgrade arrives to display in the showroom, so these models are often repurposed and put through the Approved Used inspection and refurbishment process.

Ex-Demo models are often sought after by second hand mobility scooter dealers, as they are more affordable than their brand-new equivalents, have low mileages, are typically just a couple of years old, and they've been maintained to a high standard, courtesy of our own technicians!

What’s more, such models are often built to a specification used to showcase the very best features of a model, therefore, many Ex-Demo models are packed with extras and upgrades that the standard scooters lack!

Inspection, Service and Refurbishment

Our Approved Used status is not handed out to every second hand mobility scooter. To make the grade, models must pass stringent checks. Our inspection comprises dozens of individual checks (sometimes more, depending on the model) for our Approved Used scheme. A typical inspection will involve:

  • Carrying out a multi-point diagnostics check

  • A detailed physical inspection, from mechanical parts to paint detail

  • Bodywork checks for accident damage

  • A thorough road test

  • Comprehensive remedial refurbishment and cleaning to bring the scooter back to the best possible condition

Once the inspection is carried out we give the scooter a full service and refurbishment, including deep cleaning and detailing. All models in our Approved Used line go through this comprehensive process to ensure they are representative of our brand, and more importantly, offer value and quality for our customers. Therefore, second hand mobility scooters for sale bearing an ‘Approved Used’ label are usually in excellent condition. Our engineers will have carefully addressed any issues to ensure the scooter meets the highest possible standard to give you complete peace of mind.


Each Approved Used and Ex-Demo mobility scooter comes with a comprehensive 12-month parts and labor warranty, giving you the security and assurance you deserve.

Visit our Showroom

Our friendly and knowledgeable Mobility Specialists are ready to provide you with a full demonstration to ensure you are comfortable and confident using your refurbished second hand mobility scooter. Our showroom in Surrey has ample space for test-driving and our staff will happily guide you through the ins and outs of the scooter. Call us, contact us or book an appointment to visit our showroom directly online.

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