Off-Road Scooters

Dedicated off-road scooters will handle adventurous terrain much better than conventional 6-8 mph road scooters. They feature bigger wheels with chunky tyres, enhanced suspension, higher ground clearance, powerful motors and a sporty profile. Click below to view our range or read on for further information.

Our Showroom

You are welcome to explore our off-road scooter range at our industry-leading showroom in a comfortable, welcoming and spacious environment. Discuss your options with one of our experienced Product Specialists who will offer impartial and expert advice to help you find the best scooter for your needs. Whilst you're here check out the rest of our large mobility scooters range to ensure you find the right scooter for your needs. Some customers visit us quite fixed on an off-road scooter and find they prefer a 6 - 8 mph scooter, after a full assessment.

We suggest you book an appointment before visiting the showroom to ensure that one of our Product Specialists is on-hand to guide you through our range and that you have the time and space to browse and try our products at your leisure.

Features and Benefits of Off-Road Scooters

Off-road scooters are substantial, with longer ranges and equipped with strengthened suspension systems, making them great for longer-distance travel. We've set out key features and benefits below:

  • Extended Range: With larger batteries and efficient energy consumption on rough terrains, off-road scooters can travel up to 60 miles (such as the TGA Scoozy C) on a single charge, offering users the freedom for long-distance journeys without 'battery anxiety'.

  • Efficient Travel - With higher speeds, these scooters enable users to move more efficiently in a variety of environments, enhancing their mobility and independence.

  • Comfortable Seating - Designed with user comfort in mind, these scooters provide ergonomic seating options that enhance user comfort during longer rides.

  • Increased Storage - These scooters often come with more storage capacity, allowing users to carry more items during their journeys.

  • Versatility - Off-road scooters offer unparalleled versatility, allowing riders to navigate various terrains like dirt roads, gravel paths, grass fields and forest trails.

  • Durability - Built with sturdy frames to withstand rough terrains, off-road scooters are resilient and durable, ensuring a reliable and safe riding experience even in challenging weather conditions.

  • Enhanced Safety Features - Equipped with essential safety features like lights, reflectors, turn signals, rearview mirrors, and emergency brake systems, off-road scooters prioritize user protection and visibility during rides on various terrains.

  • Weight Capacity - These scooters often support higher weight capacities compared to travel, pavement and road mobility scooters.

When considering the features and benefits of an off-road scooter, there is no substitute for exploring a number of models and trying them out for yourself. Our article "Why Buying Mobility Scooters Online Might Not Be Your Best Move - Making Informed Choices for Your Independence" provides an in-depth look at how best to approach the process of finding the right scooter for your needs. And of course, our showroom is packed with models ready for you to try!

Off-Road Scooter Manufacturers

We have partnered with the leading UK manufacturers of off-road scooters to offer a range that suits every budget and need. See below for popular brands and off-road scooter models in our range:

  • Motion Healthcare - who specialise in innovative lightweight scooters that are highly transportable.

  • Pride Mobility - the biggest selling brand in the UK, with the largest range of scooters including off-road scooters, travel scooters, folding scooters, pavement scooters and 6 - 8 mph scooters, that suit all requirements and budgets. You can choose from their affordable yet reliable scooters or opt for a more advanced and comfortable scooter model from their Apex range.

  • TGA Mobility - the market leaders for premium mobility scooters, comprising off-road scooters, travel scooters, folding scooters, pavement scooters and 6 - 8 mph scooters with all models featuring two or three-year warranties - assuring you of their quality. TGA's range includes the revolutionary folding Minimo transportable scooters, the stylish Vita scooters featuring motorcycle-industry technology, as well as the flagship Breeze road scooters. These scooters are significantly more expensive than equivalent scooters from other manufacturers.

To view these off-road scooters and others in our Showroom, please call us to arrange an appointment or book directly online.

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