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Active Wheelchairs

We provide a full range of active wheelchairs, including rigid, folding and paediatric models, as well as all the powered add-ons and accessories required to enhance your experience. Whether you are after your first active wheelchair and needing expert advice and a highly adjustable model, or you are a veteran user with years of experience, we will have active user wheelchairs to suit.

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Rigid Active Wheelchairs

For the lightest, high-performance wheelchairs, go rigid. Available with aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre frames.

Folding Active Wheelchairs

For convenient transport, folding wheelchairs excel - and don't let anyone tell you they can't be high-performance too.

Children's Active Wheelchairs

From children using a wheelchair for the first time to a teenager looking to develop their independence, our growth-adjustable models have it all.

Power Add-Ons

Handbikes, power-wheels, push-assists and more - go further, go faster, and go where you want with our power add-ons.


Personalise your ride with a wheel upgrade - including our favourites, Loopwheels, for a comfortable and stylish ride.

Short-Term Hire

Flexible weekly hire of a select range of lightweight adjustable active wheelchairs, ideal for trying one out before purchase.

We provide a complete active wheelchair service, from initial consultation through to supply and a comprehensive backup service during the lifespan of your wheelchair. Our industry-leading Chessington showroom features a vast range of active chairs, powered add-ons and specialist seating for you to try out.

Our range of products includes all the leading suppliers such as Quickie, Ki Mobility, , RGK, Progeo, Kuschall, TiLite, Triride and Alber, as well as more niche suppliers, to ensure we can always provide the perfect equipment for you. We have a handy guide to introduce you to selecting the right wheelchair, but we highly recommend visiting us to try out as many as you want.

Top Selling Products In Active Wheelchairs

Ki Mobility Rogue 2 Wheelchair

From £2,796

Progeo Ego Wheelchair

From £4,186

RGK Octane Sub4 Wheelchair

From £6,663

Quickie QS5X Wheelchair

From £1,500

SmartDrive MX2+ Power Add-On

From £4,821

Triride Special Compact HT Power Handbike

From £4,650

Loopwheels Urban

From £2,138

Empulse F35 Handbike

From £2,500
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