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DIETZ Powerchairs

DIETZ Power have gained an exceptional reputation for their highly customisable and adaptable SANGO powerchairs. This range enables us to offer customers a wide array of options to specifically suit their needs, right down to the smallest detail.

Based in The Netherlands, the DIETZ mission is to develop wheelchairs that can be precisely configured to meet each user's unique needs and circumstances. What sets DIETZ apart is their modular design approach. This allows a seating system and accessory options to be combined onto a powerchair base. Their advanced SEGO seating system prioritises comfort which can be extensively customised with ergonomic seats, adjustable armrests, headrests, and footrests. If their comprehensive range of configuration options does not meet a user's requirements, DIETZ will manufacture bespoke components to ensure a complete solution is found.

Wheelfreedom in Partnership with DIETZ

As experts in DIETZ powerchairs, Wheelfreedom offers the full range across London and the Southeast, providing demonstrations and assessments for each model. Our industry-leading Chessington showroom allows you to try the latest wheelchairs in a spacious setting, with on-site assessors offering impartial advice and private assessment facilities. Home demonstrations are also available regionally, bringing a selection of wheelchairs to you to try out in your local environment.

DIETZ power wheelchairs are particularly popular with healthcare professionals, particularly Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Case Managers, for their exceptional versatility in accommodating third-party backrests and a wide array of seating options. This adaptability ensures that each user's unique needs can be met with precision. We also collaborate closely with NHS services and charitable organisations, using our expertise to provide tailored solutions for individuals with complex seating and mobility requirements. In such cases, DIETZ powerchairs often emerge as the optimal choice, offering customisation capabilities to address even the most intricate of needs. And with an on-site service centre and a team of mobile engineers, we ensure reliable, efficient support throughout the powerchair's lifespan.

DIETZ products aren't perhaps as stylish as Permobil or Quickie powerchairs. However, part of this is due to the extensive use of metal components over plastic ones wherever possible, which makes the chairs particularly hard-wearing. And it's worth noting that customers have a number of custom colour/hydro-dipping options to personalise the look of their chair.

Our assessors are on hand to provide expert, impartial advice about DIETZ powerchairs, and we have private assessment facilities on-site that you can book by phone or book online, if you prefer.

The SANGO Range with the SEGO Seating System

SANGO Modularity

DIETZ design the SANGO range of powerchairs with high-grade components that allow meticulous configurations to match the exact powered mobility solution needed. The modularity of the SANGO range allows DIETZ to start with a sturdy base wheelchair chassis that can then be customised by adding different drive configurations, seating systems, battery sizes, suspension, and powered adjustments like tilt, recline, seat elevators.

Three different drive configurations are offered in the SANGO line - front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), and mid-wheel drive (MWD). Each option provides distinct advantages:

  • Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) - the ultimate all-rounder combining indoor and outdoor capabilities

  • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) - offers particular advantages for outdoor driving and varied terrains

  • Mid-Wheel Drive (MWD) - for tight indoor manoeuvring and small turning circles

Choose the SANGO base model from FWD, RWD and MWD drive system options, to suit your mobility needs and environment.

For cases where the configuration and adjustment options do not fulfil a specific physical or spatial requirement, DIETZ will craft made-to-measure parts to achieve optimal customisation.

SEGO Seating

The SANGO range features the innovative SEGO seating system to offer exceptional comfort and customisation for users. This system is designed to provide excellent support and positioning for the user's torso, head, arms, and legs. It comprises a wide range of seat and backrest options, including various cushion sizes, different finishing materials, and specialised foams.

Key features of the SEGO seating system include:

Ergonomic Seating and Positioning

The system allows for fine adjustments and settings to achieve a precise, customised fit for each individual user down to the last millimetre. Powered adjustment options include backrest recline, seat lift, seat tilt and the imaginatively named Catapult Seat. This comprises a forward tilting capability which seamlessly facilitates standing transfers from the powerchair. This unique and highly sought-after functionality has proven to be a game-changer, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals who rely on the system's exceptional versatility.

Modular Design

The seats, backrests, armrests, headrests, leg rests, and other support accessories can be mixed and matched to create the optimal seating configuration. DIETZ are highly successful in combining functionality with modularity. Whether it's adapting to specific mobility requirements, postural support needs, or environmental factors, DIETZ modular system empowers them to create fully customisable and adjustable solutions that are precisely calibrated to meet the unique demands of every individual user.

Customisation Options

DIETZ can manufacture bespoke parts tailored to the user's specific physical or spatial needs if the standard options don't suffice. This huge feature is what attracts so many to DIETZ products and services. In our view, DIETZ's custom-build capabilities are truly exceptional. If a customer has unique requirements that even a configurable powerchair can't fully accommodate, our Assessors work closely with DIETZ's designers to fabricate custom adaptations.

The SANGO Slimline powerchair with custom adaptions including a Catapult Seat and foot to floor powered legrests

Highly Adaptable and Personalised Powerchairs

Overall, the combination of the SANGO range with the SEGO seating system provides our customers with an exceptionally adaptable and personalised powerchair, ensuring unparalleled comfort, support, and functionality precisely tailored to their unique requirements.

The DIETZ Powerchair Range

The entire range of DIETZ power chairs is available at Wheelfreedom, which comprises:

DIETZ Sango Advanced

The DIETZ flagship and most popular powerchair. It is available with a choice of mid, front or rear-wheel drive, and comes with highly configurable SEGO Comfort seating.

DIETZ Sango Slimline

The Sango Slimline is an ultra-narrow performance powerchair, designed for those that need to manoeuvre around the most restricted indoor spaces.

DIETZ Sango Junior

SEGO Junior seating system, available on the Advanced and Slimline, with very narrow seats and backrests, with various supports - perfect for user weights up to 75kg.


Specifically designed for people weighing up to 250kg and equiped with a front-wheel drive to provide increased traction and tight responsiveness at the joystick.

DIETZ Powerchairs available for Hire, Purchase or through Motability

We appreciate that all customers have different requirements and circumstances, which is why we offer a range of solutions for you to acquire a DIETZ powerchair:


Own the DIETZ powerchair of your choice outright from the start. Maximum potential for customisation with no recurring payments.

Long-term Hire

With terms of either one or three years, ideal for those not eligible for Motability, or who already have a car on the scheme.


The leading scheme for leasing a powerchair through your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

Arrange a Free Assessment at Your Home or in Our Showroom and Explore the DIETZ Powerchair Range

Experience has taught us that before deciding on any particular powerchair model it's crucial to have a thorough assessment and test-drive, supported by an experienced assessor who can provide impartial advice on the best product for your needs.

This assessment involves evaluating your goals and needs, and looking at your range of motion strength, balance and positioning requirements. We then identify the kind of support you'll need to accommodate any postural asymmetries or needs when seated and standing. This helps us identify prospective models for you to try. We partner with DIETZ Power and other leading brands in the industry to offer the most comprehensive range of powerchairs on the market, so you can be assured you will be seeing the best possible options for your needs.

We are more than happy to come to you for a free, no-obligation assessment. This is a popular way for customers to experience and evaluate powerchairs with an assessor, in the environment where they'll be used most frequently. Call now to book your free, no-obligation in-home assessment.

Alternatively, visit our Chessington showroom assessment facilities, where you can explore the models in privacy, with one of our assessors on hand. Please call to book an appointment or schedule your visit here.

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