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Try Before You Buy

For those wanting to try out a mobility scooter or powerchair prior to purchasing it or hiring on a long-term basis, Wheelfreedom offers a unique Try Before You Buy scheme. Hire a scooter or electric wheelchair through our short-term hire, and we can refund up to 4 weeks of hire against the purchase (or long-term hire) cost of the product.

Why Try?

Buying a mobility scooter or powerchair can be a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t done it before or are looking for an expensive high-end powered wheelchair. The range of choices can be bewildering, so the opportunity to try the product before committing to buying it offers you peace of mind by ensuring that you have the right scooter or wheelchair for your needs.

Hiring before buying allows you to ensure that you are comfortable with the wheelchair or scooter, and that the performance is ideal for you. While our team can talk you through your requirements over the phone, there is nothing better than having the freedom to try an actual product in person - and crucially over a few weeks, to see how it performs in your daily life.

Having tried a product, you can then redeem the hire charge against the purchase price, offering a significant saving on it.

Our Powered Wheelchairs

Our range includes compact indoor models, versatile performers that can be taken outside, folding wheelchairs, and advanced fully-prescriptive high-end models.

Our Mobility Scooters

We offer a great selection of scooters from small transportable models up to large 8 mph road scooters with luxury suspension - and everything in between.

How It Works

The Try Before You Buy scheme is available for all categories of products we offer – boot scooters, pavement scooters and road scooters, indoor powerchairs and indoor/outdoor powerchairs, including high-end configurable ones, with at least one of our products from each category available to try. We will deliver a product from our short-term hire fleet to your address, ensure that it is set up according to your needs, and demonstrate the product to you.

If you are looking to get a custom-built configurable powerchair, we can measure you up for this at the same time. As they can take several weeks to build, this can speed up the process of getting one.

While not every product that we offer is available to try this way, as we cannot keep over 100 different products and all their options in stock, our range is designed so that there is almost always an equivalent product that is available to try.

If you then decide to purchase a scooter or electric wheelchair, we can redeem the cost of up to 4 weeks hire against the purchase price. We will deliver a new product to your address, again setting it up for you, and we will pick up the hire one at the same time. Should you wish to take ownership of the hire wheelchair or scooter, we can potentially also offer discounted rates on this.

Our Try Before You Buy scheme is flexible, and should you wish to switch to another class of scooter or wheelchair during the hire period, we will be able to help. When purchasing, you can choose to buy any model of wheelchair or scooter that we offer, giving you a range of affordable and quality options. Alternatively, if you wish to take out a long-term hire agreement instead of purchasing, we can refund up to 4 weeks hire against the long-term hire charges.