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Permobil Wheelchairs

Permobil are renowned for their high-end Swedish made powerchairs, including the market-leading standing F5 VS Corpus. They also provide ultra-light active and tilt in space manual wheelchairs under the Tilite, Progeo and Panthera brands, the unique SmartDrive power assist, and specialist seating ranges including Roho, V-Trak and the Comfort Company range. A Permobil wheelchair is an assurance of the ultimate levels of performance and quality.

Permobil Through Wheelfreedom

Wheelfreedom are Permobil's preferred partner for London and the South East of England. We supply the full range of Permobil products, and are experts on demonstrating and assessing for them all.

Our industry-leading Chessington showroom on the Surrey-London borders is stocked with the latest Permobil products for you to try out in a spacious environment. Our assessors are on hand to provide expert, impartial advice, and we have private assessment facilities on-site that you can book if preferred.

We can also carry out home demonstrations across London and the South East of England, and our assessors will bring out a selection of wheelchairs for you to try in your home and local environment.

We work closely with Case Managers, Charities and Occupational Therapists for those whose complex seating and mobility requirements can often best be catered to with a Permobil wheelchair, which excel in these cases. We also partner with NHS wheelchair services to accept Personal Wheelchair Budget voucher contributions towards purchases.

With an on-site service centre and a fleet of mobile engineers, we are able to provide a reliable, efficient back-up service throughout the lifespan of your product, ensuring it is always in top working order.

Permobil Powerchairs

Permobil's powerchairs are renowned for their market-leading quality and functionality. Each wheelchair is built to order to precisely match your specifications in Permobil's Swedish headquarters. Uniquely, they feature ActiveReach, anterior (forward) tilt that helps you to access and interact with your environment, and ActiveHeight to drive at walking pace when fully elevated, with full use of your powerchair's suspension.

All of the M-series powerchairs are also available to lease via the Motability scheme, allowing you to benefit from a Permobil wheelchair for a low weekly cost.

Permobil powerchairs at Wheelfreedom showroom

The Permobil powerchairs available from Wheelfreedom include:


The lowest priced Permobil powerchair, an affordable mid-wheel drive model with impressive drive features for its cost


The most popular mid-wheel drive model, with the ideal blend of indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance.


The outdoor focused mid-wheel drive model in Permobil's range, you won't find a better performing mid-wheel drive powerchair than this.

M Corpus VS

The M Corpus VS combines the standing technology of the F5 VS with a mid-wheel drive for higher levels of manoeuvrability.


Permobil have long been associated with front-wheel drive, and the F3 offers impressive performance at a lower price than the F5.


With the best-performing base in Permobil's range, the F5 is the flagship of the range, and has the option for 45° of ActiveReach.


Undoubtedly the best standing powerchair available in the UK, the F5 VS has set the standards to which all other models aspire.

X850 Corpus 3G

A rugged off-road powerchair that can tackle adventurous terrain, and still comes with configurable Corpus seating.

Paediatric Powered Wheelchairs

Permobil also manufacture paediatric powered wheelchairs, including:

Explorer Mini

A unique powered mobility device for children between the ages of 12 and 36 months, allowing independent mobility from an early age.

K300 PS Junior

Sturdily built to withstand the odd knock or bump, the K300 features seating that can grow with your child.

Permobil Tilite Active Wheelchairs

Permobil's Tilite range of active wheelchairs are considered the ultimate in vibration reducing titanium-manufactured wheelchairs. Unlike other manufacturers who use pre-stocked frames to offer their chairs in limited configurations, each Tilite wheelchair's frame tubing is only bent and constructed after order. This TiFit process ensures your wheelchair is bespoke made to you, and allows you the widest choice of configurations so the wheelchair is built around you.

Permobil active wheelchairs at wheelfreedom showroom

You can try out the Tilite range in our Chessington showroom, where they really stand out - especially the unique tattooed titanium frames. The Tilite range includes the following models, all available from Wheelfreedom:


Tilite's best-selling model, a titanium-frame rigid chair. Also available as the fully welded ZR.


Tilite's flagship model, the dual-tube frame provides the most responsive ride. A welded TR version is available.

Permobil Progeo Active Wheelchairs

Permobil also operate the Progeo brand of Italian-made active wheelchairs, known for their sleek, elegant design and specialism in carbon frames.

Their wheelchairs are the most noticeable models in our showroom - their sleek frames and bright colours really catch the eye. The Progeo range includes:


A sleek and stylish adjustable aluminium rigid chair. Also available with a full carbon frame.

Joker R2

A special edition of the Joker with a welded front end. A fully welded Joker Energy is also available.


Featuring a uniquely-designed carbon frame that retains the ability to make final adjustments.

Noir 2.0

Progeo's stunning flagship carbon chair, the only carbon model that you can fit handbikes to.


Features a unique rigid folding mechanism. A welded Ego Custom and carbon version are available.

Tekna Advance

A sleek folding wheelchair, with either a fixed front or swing-away legrests as the Tekna Advance Swing.

Exelle Vario

A modern folding wheelchair, the Vario features swing-away legrest; the standard Exelle has a fixed front.

Tekna Tilt 2.0

The Tekna Tilt is a folding tilt in space wheelchair available in both adult and paediatric sizes.

Permobil Panthera Active Wheelchairs

Operating out of Sweden, Permobil-owned Panthera produce a range of rigid lightweight wheelchairs.

Renowned for being easily transportable, Panthera wheelchairs are robust and highly manoeuvrable with a number of customization options. Our Panthera range comprises:

Panthera S3 Swing

The hugely popular S3 swing is a unique rigid-framed active wheelchair that has swing-away legrests allowing people to enjoy both the benefits of the weight savings and performance.

Panthera U3

A lightweight rigid framed active wheelchair, the U3 from Panthera that has a slightly different frame configuration to the Panthera S3 series, resulting in a more upright and active driving position.

Panthera S3 Series

Panthera's S3 series is made up of seven models of lightweight, strong and manoeuvrable active wheelchairs made from chrome molybdenum and with a starting transport weight of just 4.4 kg.

Panthera X

Go places with the lightest wheelchair in the world. The Panthera X has a transport weight from just 2.1kg and its carbon fibre frame is as robust as it is light.

Panthera Bambino 3

Aimed at children between the ages of 4-12, the Bambino 3 is an easy to handle and robust wheelchair available in a range of sizes.

Panthera Micro 3

Designed to empower children aged 1-5, the Micro 3 is lightweight, easy to handle, and robust, it is also built with parents in mind.

Panthera U3 Light

Panthera's U3 Light is an incredibly light welded-frame active chair, boasting a transport weight of just 3.7kg.

Permobil SmartDrive MX2+

The SmartDrive is a pioneering powered add-on for an active wheelchair that provides on-demand push assist. Wearable and wired control options for precise control include:

  • SmartDrive SpeedControl Dial - to start, stop, and adjust the speed by simply rotating the dial forwards or backwards

  • SmartDrive MX2+ App - for tap gestures connected to your smart watch

  • SmartDrive SwitchControl - for a momentary burst of power or activated in latched mode for consistent power over extended distances

The SmartDrive MX2+ is undoubtedly the most high-tech powered add-on available, and is well worth a try.

Specialist Seating

Permobil make an extensive range of seating and positioning products, which we demonstrate and use in assessments.

Roho are renowned for their air cell technology, their cushions providing outstanding levels of skin protection and pressure relief. They have a range of options from foam air hybrids to complete air cushions, each configurable to find the right balance of pressure relief and stability needs for an individual. Roho also offer the Agility back, a popular choice that can fit to almost every wheelchair, manual or powered. It provides significant posterior and lateral trunk support, and uniquely includes lateral and lumbar adjustable air inserts.

Comfort Company backrests include the Acta range that uses a patented conforming aluminium, providing lightweight support and optimising postural positioning. Lateral support can be integrated into the backrest for a discrete finish or added as a swing away option for variable needs throughout the day. 

V-Trak backrests can be an alternative lightweight option. Their backrests offer discrete support with options for sleek, adjustable hardware. The V-trak range is  modular, allowing them to be adapted to support complex requirements. Their segmented backrests allow us to offer precision support in all three anatomical planes, even when the direction of support required differs from one end of the clients' back to the other. 

EvoShape custom moulded seating from Supportec is robotically manufactured specifically to the shape and contours of an individual body, to correct or accommodate anatomical asymmetry - in turn providing comfort and stability. A unique combination of pressure relieving materials are selected on an individual basis to maximise pressure relief and in high risk cases, completely offload bony prominences or concern areas. The digital production of these seating systems means that the shape match accuracy compared to the body is upwards of 98% and the unique build techniques from Supportec offer some of the slimmest laterals on the market. The digital nature of these systems mean that they can be reproduced at the push of a button for a second seating system or for other applications with different materials such as hygiene seats. The same techniques can be used to produce sleep systems and equipment to support a 24 hour postural management routine. 

3D Scanning for Assessments used to conduct a thorough investigation of the client’s posture and seating position
A selection of Permobil backrests and cushions available from Wheelfreedom

Explore Permobil Products at Wheelfreedom's Showroom

Explore Permobil's active wheelchairs, powerchairs and specialist seating at Wheelfreedom's Showroom.

Based in Chessington Surrey, a member of the team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the most suitable product to suit your needs.

Simply give us a call to book your appointment and we will do the rest!

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