Rollators are a great way of staying active, providing you with the support you need as you walk. Many models feature convenient bags for shopping, and integrated seats allowing you to rest when tired. Look out for the innovative modern ones with advanced features like lightweight carbon fibre frames or even the ability to transform into a wheelchair!

Top Selling Products In Rollators

Rollz Flex Rollator

From £475

Saljol Carbon Rollator

From £559

Rehasense Server Rollator

From £270

Rehasense Space LX Rollator

From £289

What To Look Out For In A Rollator?

There are lots of rollators available - they come in all different shapes and sizes, and with big differences in cost. So what should you look out for when shopping for a rollator?


The lighter the rollator, the easier it is for you to wheel around, and the easier it will be to transport in a case. Most modern rollators these days feature lightweight aluminium frames, but some are definitely lighter than others.

There are even high-end carbon fibre framed rollators available for the ultimate in lightweight mobility - such as Saljol's sleek Carbon, and Rehasense's Server CF.

It's not just the weight of the rollator itself that matters - the weight capacity is important too. For heavier people we offer bariatric rollators like the Buffalo which can take people up to 200 kg (31.5 stone).


All the rollators we offer feature height-adjustable handlebars, so that you can hold them at a comfortable and supportive height for you. Some models are available in high and low framed variants. If you are taller or shorter than average, it is particularly important to try out a rollator prior to purchase to ensure it is the right size for you.


Rollators have long moved on from the days when they resembled scaffolding poles, and there are some really stylish, modern designs available - Saljol's Carbon is one of the standout models, but Rollz's Flex and Rehasense's Server are also stylish lookers.


As well as high-end luxury models, we also provide lower-cost rollators to suit the budget-conscious, such as Mobilex's Jaguar.

Rollator Seat

Almost every rollator has a built-in seat, allowing you to lock the brakes on, sit down and lean back against a backrest. Some of these feature more padding than others, and with some models, the back support is an optional upgrade. Check out Rollz's Motion Performance for a rollator that transforms into a wheelchair, allowing you to sit down in comfort and be pushed!

Rollator Bags

Rollators are a useful companion when out shopping, as most feature a bag or basket that can transport your shopping. In some cases these are removable. A highlight is Rollz's Flex, whose extra-large bag has a 20 kg capacity.

Indoor or Outdoor Rollator?

Most rollators are designed for use both indoors or out. However, if your need is for indoors only, there are some smaller and lighter models like the Jaguar available. If you're looking to go off-road, the Server XC and Motion Performance have chunky wheels.

We've found that a four-wheel design provides the best stability - three wheeled rollators are a little more manoeuvrable, but tend to be tippy too, which is not what you want! However, the British-made Triumph rollator features a unique twin front wheel design that provides both stability and manoeuvrability.

Forearm Walkers

Not everyone can get on with holding onto push handles on a rollator - that's why we also offer a forearm walker too, which supports your arms as well while walking.

Rollz Motion2 Rollator + Wheelchair

Rollz Motion2 is ideal for those who may also need to rest. This rollator can be easily changed from a rollator to a wheelchair.

Saljol Carbon Rollator

Saljol's Carbon Rollator is comfortable, lightweight and luxurious. With a carbon fibre frame, this rollator is just 5.8kg, making it very light and convenient for days out.

Rehasense Server Rollator

The Server is our most popular rollator, with a sturdy lightweight aluminium frame in a choice of two colours, and offering good value.

Try Our Rollators

Wheelfreedom stock a large range of rollators to suit every need and budget, and you can try these out at our industry-leading Chessington showroom. This provides a spacious environment to test out which rollator would work best for you, and our product specialists are on hand to advise.

Most of our rollators are readily available in stock, either to take away on the day itself, or to order for speedy delivery to your home.

Hire A Rollator

Not sure if a rollator would be right for you? We also hire out rollators, allowing you to try one for a few weeks to see how it helps in your daily life.

VAT Exemption

Those that have a long-term illness or medically disabled can purchase or hire walking aids and over mobility equipment free of VAT.

The removal of VAT applies to both the cost of the product or hiring charge, as well as the delivery and collection of the item if applicable.

Our customer service team are here to help you. Speak to a member of the team to find out more about VAT exemptions and our line of products.

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