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Wheelchair Add-Ons

Add-ons let you get more from your wheelchair - go further, go faster, and over more adventurous terrain. These can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs, and include both powered add-ons and manual ones that can cater to all sorts of demands.

We provide a wide selection of wheelchair add-ons of all different types, and from multiple leading manufacturers. We are constantly on the look-out for exciting new developments and technologies, as power add-ons in particular have progressed rapidly over the last few years. You can try out our fully range at our Chessington showroom, and we can also arrange for one of our specialist assessors to visit you for a home demonstration - ideal for testing out off-road capabilities!


Handbikes attach to the front of your wheelchair, lifting the front castor wheels off the ground. Powered handbikes are the most common option, and are driven and steered through the handlebar controls. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from compact light models that are easy to transport, through all-rounders that can cope with both city and country use, up to chunky off-road models that can take you up steep forest trails.

Powered handbikes require use of your arms to control them, but a range of control systems - particularly on the configurable Triride models - allow those with limited hand function to operate them. Normally you will need some trunk strength and stability to mount and de-mount your handbike - however, Rehasense's new PAWS handbikes feature the option of automatic clamps to take all the work out of this.

Manual handbikes let you cycle by using your arms, and are a convenient way to exercise and enjoy long trips in the comfort of your own wheelchair, rather than having to buy a whole new recumbent handbike that takes up space and doesn't match your preferred seating setup. Hybrid handbikes provide powered assistance to your cycling, offering perhaps the best of both worlds - keeping you fit, while helping you tackle the longest trips and steep hills.

Our handbike models include the market-leading Italian-made Triride models, with advanced electronics and configurable controls. We also supply Rehasense PAWS handbikes with their unique no-bracket mounting systems, as well as Alber and Sunrise Medical Empulse models.

Amongst our most popular models are:

Triride T-Rocks

The ultimate off-roader
The T-Rocks features a massive 20" FAT wheel, 1500 Watt motor, and dual batteries for a 18.6 mph top speed and 50 mile range. It cannot be beaten for performance.

Empulse F55

Everyday value handbike
Available with two wheel sizes, the F55 is a low-cost handbike ideal for use on paved surfaces. It fits to both rigid and folding wheelchairs, and is compact and light for travel.

Rehasense PAWS City 12

All-rounder with auto-clamping
Rehasense's PAWS City features a unique clamping mechanism that doesn't leave any bracketry on your wheelchair. Both powered and manual clamping are available.

Triride Tribike Hybrid Plus

Hybrid hand cycle
Triride's Tribike Hybrid Plus lets you cycle, keeping your fitness up as you travel, while providing power assistance for longer journeys and steeper hills.

Push Assistance

The lightest and most discreet powered add-ons provide push assistance for you, while still requiring you to steer via your wheelchair's handrims. They are popular with highly active people who want to be able to make longer trips. Unlike handbikes, they don't increase the "footprint" of your wheelchair, meaning they can be used in restricted, indoor spaces too. Our range includes models from Alber, Sunrise Medical's Empulse and Permobil.

Empulse WheelDrive 2.0

Unique dual-rim power wheels
The WheelDrive fits to your wheelchair and features a dual-rim design that lets you choose between power-assistance or fully powered continuous drive performance.

Permobil SmartDrive MX2+

Pioneering push assist
The SmartDrive pioneered a new type of ultra-light push-assist device ideal for active people, and featuring high-tech controls via a paired PushTracker smart watch.

Alber Smoov One

Speedy compact power assist
With a top speed of 6 mph, the Smoov gets you around quickly, providing a smooth ride. It features a compact and discreet drive unit and simple hand control

Powerchair Conversions

Want to turn your manual wheelchair into a fully powered wheelchair that you control yourself from a joystick? There are two main products that let you do this, the Alber E-Fix system and Benoit Systemes Light Drive. These take the effort entirely off propelling your wheelchair, and can be operated by those who aren't able to steer a handbike. They mean you don't have to buy a second powered wheelchair, or compromise on the comfort and transportability of your manual wheelchair.

Alber E-Fix E35/36

German-made power add-on
Alber's E-Fix is the best-known power add-on to convert your manual wheelchair to a powerchair. German-engineered, it features removable wheels and a light lithium battery.

Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

Unique friction-drive add-on
Easy to attach, the Light Drive 2.1 is a modern, effective power drive that fits to almost every manual wheelchair, without needing to swap your rear wheels.

Benoit Systemes Light Drive Plus 2.1

Bariatric power add-on
With a 240 kg (38.8 stone) capacity, the Light Drive Plus 2.1 is our power add-on with the highest weight capacity, and features four powerful motors.

Manual Add-Ons

There are a great range of manual add-ons that can be added to an active wheelchair, enhancing their performance and comfort. Popular choices include Loopwheels with their unique inbuilt suspension, and front-wheel attachments that let a wheelchair tackle rougher ground.

Rehasense Track Wheel Carbon

Carbon front-wheel attachment
The Track Wheel is an ultra-light carbon add-on that fits to the front of most wheelchairs, lifting your castors off the ground so you can tackle rough ground.

Multi-Coloured Loopwheels

Head-turning suspension wheels
Loopwheels feature carbon blades for integrated suspension, and the multi-coloured versions are real head turners, available in your choice of colours.

FAT Wheels

Chunky off-road wheels
Swap your normal 24" wheels for these FAT Wheels to go off-roading thanks to their chunky Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres with a wraparound tread.

Try These Wheelchair Add-Ons

Not sure which wheelchair add-on is best for you? Come and try them out at our industry-leading Chessington showroom! You can test drive our full range of add-ons, both in the spacious showroom, and outside on road, pavement or grass. We have far more models than we can fit in our showroom, but can bring them in for you to try. Our specialists are on-hand to discuss your options and help you make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

If you need a new wheelchair too, you can try out the massive range on offer at our Chessington showroom too - carbon, aluminium, or titanium; folding or rigid; welded or adjustable - we have them all.

We also offer home demonstrations - ideal if there's a particular local route you want to try a handbike out on, or you want to try an add-on around your house.

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