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Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

Tilt in space wheelchairs are designed to be comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time - often throughout the day. They feature much more cushioning than standard wheelchairs, and also help to support the posture. Tilting helps to relieve pressure, and also assists with hoisted transfers. Most tilt in space wheelchairs can recline the backrest and elevate the legrests too, allowing for a relaxed laid-back position that can be used for sleeping.

Most tilt in space wheelchairs are prescriptive, built-to-order wheelchairs. Following an assessment they can be built for a perfect fit to the user's body shape, and a wide range of seating and cushioning options ensures that their postural and pressure relief requirements are met.

Our experienced specialists can demonstrate our range of tilt in space wheelchairs, and assess for which model would be most suitable. We can also assess for and supply a range of specialist seating to cater for those with even the most complex of postural requirements.

Tilt in space wheelchairs traditionally have rigid frames that mean they can't be folded to go into the back of a car - however, many are crash-tested, allowing them to be used for occupied transport in adapted vehicles. However, there are increasing numbers of folding tilt in space wheelchairs available that allow them to be transported in conventional cars.


We offer a wide selection of adult and paediatric Tilt in Space manual wheelchairs for purchase - this allows you to own the chair outright, and can work out as cheaper if the need is long term. It also allows us to provide a wider range of options than are found on our hire chairs, as well as other models.

As these are prescriptive wheelchairs that are built to order, we will need to carry out an assessment first, to ensure the chair is provided in the right size and with the right seating options. You can either view our full range at our Chessington showroom, or we can arrange for one of our Prescriptive Assessors to come out to your residence with a Tilt in Space wheelchair to carry out this consultation. For those with more advanced pressure care or postural needs, we have an Occupational Therapist assessment service available with a wheelchair-seating specialist OT.

While Tilt in Space wheelchairs can take several weeks to build, it is possible to hire from us in the meantime, to ensure that you always have a wheelchair available.

Our range of TIlt in Space wheelchairs

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We offer a good selection of Tilt in Space wheelchairs for purchase, from highly-advanced prescriptive models through to more basic and folding models, and including the ever-popular Rea Azalea.

Hire Service

We offer our three main models of Tilt in Space manual wheelchair for hire (the Rea Azalea range) within London and the South East of England. Payment is taken two weekly on a rolling basis, with the price reducing after 12 weeks. This offers an ideal solution for those who are not sure how long they will need a Tilt in Space wheelchair for, or who are waiting for one to be provided by the NHS.

While hiring from us, the wheelchairs are covered by our repair or replace service: if you experience a problem, our trained technicians will come out to either repair the wheelchair on-site, or replace it with another. While hired, Tilt in Space wheelchairs are also fully insured within the UK.

Adult Tilt in Space Wheelchair Hire

Our most popular model
Invacare's Rea Azalea has long been established as the go-to tilt in space wheelchair, and is familiar to healthcare professionals.

Bariatric Tilt in Space Wheelchair Hire

For heavier users
With a weight capacity of 28 stone, the Rea Azalea Max comfortably fits larger and heavier people, whilst providing all the support and features you would expect.

Children's Tilt in Space Wheelchair Hire

For paediatric use
The Rea Azalea Minor comes in smaller sizes to fit children from young ages to teenagers, with adjustable seating to provide a perfect fit and outstanding comfort.
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