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A Guide on Rise and Recline Chairs

Rise and Recline chairs allow you to relax in comfort with a chair that works for you. The seat can rise up to help with standing and sitting down again, and they also allow you to lie back in a relaxed position, enjoying the luxurious comfort of a chair built to fit.

Wheelfreedom are specialists in rise and recline furniture, and our Chessington showroom on the Surrey - London borders is stocked with a wide range for you to choose from. Our experienced assessors can ensure you benefit from the luxurious comfort of a truly made-to-measure chair.

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The best way to ensure you get the right rise and recline chair is to try some out! Everyone's perception of what is comfortable is different, and you'll best get a feel for what you like by sitting on some chairs. Our Chessington showroom features a great range of chairs to try from the leading UK-based manufacturers. You can get a feel for the different backrest options available, which motor mechanisms you would most benefit from, and our assessors are on hand to take your measurements and advise on which would suit you best.

The Wheelfreedom showroom

Made To Measure Furniture

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, yet so often will sit in a "one size fits all" chair that results in bad posture and back pain. We focus on made-to-measure riser recliners sourced from our UK based manufacturers, Repose, Pride Mobility, and Rise and Recline.

A made to measure chair is built to fit your body shape and size perfectly, and allows you to sit comfortably in your preferred position for hours at a time. Our assessors can take all the measurements necessary to provide you with a personalised rise and recline chair, as well as advising on the backrest options for the optimal levels of support.

Most of our chairs are available with a choice of several motor mechanisms, from single motor to dual motor tilt in space chairs, ensuring we can supply a chair that matches your needs and budget.

As well as rise and recline chairs, we can also supply a range of complementary furniture, including static fireside chairs and sofas. Each of our chairs can be upholstered in your choice of fabric from an extensive range, ensuring you get a stylish chair that complements your décor.

Express and Hire Chairs

Sometimes the need for a rise and recline chair is urgent, in which case waiting a few weeks for a made to measure model is not feasible. We offer two solutions for this:

  • Rise and Recline Chair Hire - ideal when your need is short-term or of uncertain duration, or if you want to try out a rise and recliner for a few weeks before committing to purchase. Our flexible hire and quick delivery usually allows us to get a chair to you within a day or two.

  • Express Rise and Recline Chairs - these are available in set sizes with much quicker turnaround times. These are ideal when a standard sized chair would suit the person using it, and they require one quickly.

Made to Measure Rise and Recliners

Made to measure recliner chairs are the ideal seating solution for someone who may need to stay seated for a long period of time. These are comfortable, supportive and attractive.

Express Rise and Recliners

A fast way of getting a rise and recline chair. Available in a range of sizes and different fabrics, these chairs aren't entirely bespoke but allow some customisation.

Fireside Chairs

Fireside chairs are static chairs that match your rise and recline furniture to give you a complete set. They are supportive and luxurious, available in a range of fabrics and colours.

Hire Chairs

Rise and recline chairs available for hire. Hiring furniture is great for someone who wishes to try before they buy, or for when you have a loved one visiting for a length of time.

Delivery and Service

We deliver all of our rise and recline chairs ourselves - we believe it's vital that all deliveries and service are carried out by our own people.

Our trained engineers will install your chair for you, and spend the time needed to ensure you are comfortable in your new chair and with its controls.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today to speak to a specialist.