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Standing Powerchairs

Standing powered wheelchairs offer a wide range of health, social and practical benefits. We offer a selection of standing powered wheelchairs for purchase and hire.

Benefits Of Standing

Standing is associated with a number of health benefits, as detailed below:

  • Enhanced pressure relief, particularly for those with limited ability to shift their weight independently, or who have to sit for long periods of time.

  • Improved function and reach, increasing the ability to interact with your environment.

  • Lessened risk of contractures, as a result of an improved range of motion.

  • Vital organ capacity supported, including bowel and bladder function, as well as improved circulation.

  • Deeper respiration, through decreasing the pressure of the abdominal cavity on the lungs. This can also help reduce the risk of pneumonia.

  • Bone health promoted, reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis and skeletal deformities, by facilitating a natural spinal position.

  • Reduction in muscular atrophy and spasticity, the latter supporting a more peaceful sleep.

However, the benefits are not limited to just health ones, and people use standing wheelchairs for a whole range of reasons. The additional function and reach have practical uses too, while being at eye level enhances social interactions.

Standing Wheelchairs

Standing functions on wheelchairs are advanced pieces of engineering, and thus standing powered wheelchairs are not cheap, usually starting at more than £20,000. However, unlike other configurable powerchairs, they tend to be relatively "fully loaded" with extras, including tilt, recline, powerful motors, large batteries, and advanced seating. This means that for most people they will rarely cost much above the base price - unlike other configurable powerchairs where you can end up spending an extra £5,000 or more above the base price on options alone.

We offer three models of standing powered wheelchair, detailed below:

Permobil F5 Corpus VS

Ultimate standing powerchair
The gold standard of standing powerchairs, the renowned F5 VS Corpus is the culmination of Permobil's decades of experience in standing powered wheelchairs.

Quickie Q700-Up M

Mid-wheel drive
Unlike traditional standing chairs, the Q700-Up M features ultra-manoeuvrable mid-wheel drive coupled with the market-leading Spider-Trac 2.0 suspension.

Permobil M Corpus VS

Compact mid-wheel drive
A compact mid-wheel drive version of the F5 VS for improved manoeuvrability, allowing you to turn on the spot and access restricted spaces with ease.

Try a Standing Powerchair

Given the cost of standing powerchairs, we would strongly recommend trying more than one model to ensure you get the wheelchair that suits you best. We hold demonstration stock of our models of standing powerchairs.

Our Chessington showroom features standing powered wheelchairs for you to try. If you are looking to try them out, please call in advance so we can ensure they are available for you to try with an experienced Prescriptive Assessor available to assist you. We also have a private assessment room that can be booked to try them with some privacy.

Alternatively we are able to carry out home assessments, which will allow you to try the powerchairs around the environment you will be using them in.

In either case, if you have more clinical seating needs, we are able to arrange for one of our partnered Occupational Therapists to attend the assessment (either at our showroom or your home) for a clinical input.

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