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Hire or Buy?

We offer mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs for purchase, short and long-term hire, and on the Motability scheme.

All of these benefit from our high levels of service, including:

  • Home delivery and set-up available - by our experienced product specialists, who will take their time to ensure you are confident using the equipment and that it is adjusted to your comfort.

  • Repairs carried out by our trained technicians - either by our mobile technicians on the road who can visit you at your address, or at our London service centre. We don't outsource repairs to third-parties.

  • Free-of-charge loan products - in the event your product comes in for repair, to keep you mobile so you can retain your independence.

However, there are different reason to go for each. This page explains the options, and the advantages of each, to help you decide which is most suited to your requirements.


Purchasing a scooter or powerchair offers you the widest range of options to choose from, and the benefit of knowing that the equipment is yours and will not need to be returned at the end of a hire period. It also offers savings over long-term hire, although it does not offer the constant cover that long-term hire does.

At Wheelfreedom we monitor our prices to make sure they are as competitive.

  • Equipment is yours - rather than returning it at the end of a hire.

  • Save money - overall cost is lower than long-term hire.

  • Customisation - purchasing gives you the widest range of options for customising your equipment, whether that be accessories on a scooter, pressure cushions or custom-built options on many of our powerchairs.

Long-Term Hire

Long-term hire is available for periods of either 1 year or 3 years. There is an initial one-off fee, and then payment is taken every two weeks over the duration of the hire. It is the ideal solution for those that know they need a mobility scooter or powerchair for an extended period of time, and want to budget for it knowing that they won't face any unexpected costs.

  • New equipment - with the cost spread over a number of years.

  • Low weekly cost - from as little as £13 per week, allowing you to budget for the duration of your hire.

  • Complete peace of mind - we cover any repairs, punctures and wear and tear so there is no risk or unexpected costs, and also provide annual services on a 3-year hire to keep your scooter or powerchair in great shape.

  • Insurance - including public liability insurance, accidental damage cover, and cover against theft and vandalism, all included in the service, as well as limited insurance outside the UK.

  • Breakdown cover - with a full recovery service to give you peace of mind.

  • Customisation - our full range of products is available on long-term hire, although some custom-built specialist seating options would have to be purchased.

Short-Term Hire

A select range of our powerchairs and mobile disability scooters can be hired on a short-term basis. Payment is taken on a two-weekly rolling basis, with a two week minimum hire charge for all our products, and there is a charge for delivery and collection.

Short-term hire is therefore ideal for those that need a powerchair or scooter quickly, and who either don't know how long they need it for, or only need it on a temporary basis. Alternatively, it is well-suited to those who are looking to try out a powerchair or mobility scooter before committing to a purchase, with the chance to see its benefits during your daily life.

However, short-term hire can work out as more expensive if you will be hiring for a longer-period of time. Additionally, we are unable to guarantee a new product and currently there is a smaller range of products available for short-term hire. If you are looking to get a new piece of equipment, and need specialist options on it, then long-term hire may be more suitable.

  • Flexible hire durations - ideal for those who don’t know how long they’ll need their hire product for.

  • No large one-off cost - saving you money if you only want your equipment for a short period of time.

  • Price reduces after 12 weeks - offering significant savings if keeping your equipment for the medium-term.

  • Low minimum hire charge - just two weeks, and no notice period either.

  • Repair or replace service - if you have any problems, including punctures, we will get a replacement out to you as soon as possible, often the next or even same day.

  • Insurance - your equipment is fully insured by us for use within the UK – however it cannot be taken outside the UK.

  • Breakdown cover - for outdoor products, with a full recovery service to give you peace of mind.

  • Try before you buy - try out a product prior to purchase.

  • Large stock of scooters and powerchairs - so we can get one to you quickly, without needing to wait for one to be ordered in.

  • Select range of products - while not all of our products are available for short-term hire, we aim to ensure that at least one product of each type (e.g. boot scooter) is available.


Motability are a nationally recognised charity, and offer the opportunity to lease a new mobility scooter or powered wheelchair worry-free. If you are in receipt of Disabled Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment you may be eligible to lease a scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice. For full details of how we can help you lease a scooter or powerchair through the Motability scheme, please see our dedicated Motability page.

  • Worry-free mobility - all repairs, punctures, insurance and breakdown are covered as part of your lease.

  • Simple payments - taken direct from your benefit so you don't need to worry.

  • Some high-end equipment not available - while a large range of scooters and wheelchairs are available on the scheme, there are a limited number of configurations available for prescriptive powerchairs, and some high-end equipment such as standing powerchairs is not available on the scheme.

  • New scooter/powerchair every three years - when your lease expires you can start a new agreement for the latest new product of your choice.

  • Limited eligibility - only those with at least 12 months entitlement remaining of either the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment can join the scheme.

If you are still unsure which option would be most suited to you, please get in touch for further advice.

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