Powered wheelchairs offer the greatest freedom to get around, both indoors and outside. Our range includes basic, standard models and also prescriptive powerchairs from Permobil, Quickie, Invacare and Quantum for those with advanced performance and seating requirements. As well as being available for purchase, many of our powerchairs are available for hire and on the Motability scheme.

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Indoor Powerchairs

Compact indoor powerchairs offer a convenient, cost-effective and comfortable way of getting around your house in comfort.

Indoor & Outdoor Powerchairs

Offering the greatest versatility, these powered wheelchairs can be used both inside and out, and range from basic up to high-end prescriptive models.

Folding Powerchairs

Folding powerchairs offer a convenient way of travelling with your wheelchair, and are lightweight and easy to operate.

Standing Powerchairs

Standing provides a number of health benefits, and we offer market-leading standing powerchairs including Permobil's F5 Corpus VS.

Children's Powerchairs

Our compact paediatric powerchairs are safe for younger users, and feature custom seating that can grow with your child.

Short-Term Hire

Ideal for those whose need is short-term or who want to try out a powerchair, we offer a wide range of models to choose from.

We provide a complete powered wheelchair service from initial assessment to supply and backup service through the lifetime of your equipment. Our experienced wheelchair specialists can assess your needs and recommend a suitable product and seating system that matches your requirements, which we can then supply either for purchase, hire or on the Motability scheme.

Our industry-leading Chessington showroom on the London - Surrey border, features a wide range of powered wheelchairs for you to try out, with ample space both indoors and outside to have a proper test drive. Our showroom also features an assessment room which can be booked for private seating assessments, as well as a car that can be used to test lifting or hoisting your chosen wheelchair into and out of.

We source powered wheelchairs from several leading manufacturers to ensure we can always provide a model to suit every need and budget. Our range includes everything from lightweight folding models to reliable cost-effective standard wheelchairs, up to high-end prescriptive powerchairs with custom seating options.

Top Selling Products In Powerchairs

Quickie Q500 M

From £5,780

Permobil F5 Corpus VS

From £26,300

Pride iGo Plus

From £2,250

Invacare Esprit Action

From £3,598