An Online Guide to Lithium Batteries for Powerchairs, Scooters and Powered Add-Ons

Tue Nov 15 2022

This online guide explores lithium batteries for powerchairs, mobility scooters and powered add-ons. Here, we discuss the benefits of lithium batteries, how you can prolong the life of your battery and why they are so popular amongst our customers.

Why choose a mobility product with a lithium battery?

Lithium batteries are a popular choice of battery for those seeking to purchase a powerchair, scooter or wheelchair power add-on.

Lithium batteries are known to be lightweight, which is the main reason why customers may opt for a product that has this battery type. They are often found in lightweight folding or dismantling scooters, in lightweight powerchairs and power add-ons. The benefits of using a lithium ion batteries are:

  • You will make significant weight savings on your mobility product, thus making it easier to transport and handle.

  • You will get more amp hours for less weight, meaning you can go further for longer.

  • Lithium batteries have more charge cycles than other batteries, meaning they have a longer life span.

  • They are more reliable with a built in battery management system (BMS).

If you are unsure if a product you have bought from us is flight approved then please contact us to find out more.

Are Lithium Batteries Flight Approved?

Dependent on the airline you are flying with, lithium batteries are usually approved for medical devices, so long as they fall under 300Wh. We always recommend checking before travelling, however they are the most popular option for travel. If approved, the battery would be detached from your mobility product and taken as carry-on baggage.

Different Sizes of Lithium Batteries and Voltage

Batteries for mobility products such as powerchairs, mobility scooters and power add-ons come in a range of shapes and sizes. Usually, these are very easy to take in and out and are light enough to carry or transport. Some products have standard battery sizes/ voltage but can be upgraded to go even further or faster.

Examples of some lithium batteries can be found below. The first image is of the Whill C2 Powerchair, that has an easily removable battery. The second picture demonstrates the Empulse F55 and Rehasense Paws Handbike lithium batteries that slot in to the frame. The two final images show our new Rascal Velumili dismantling boot scooter. This scooter is the perfect example of how lithium batteries can provide significant weight savings when transporting your mobility products.

How to Care for your Lithium Battery

It is important that you look after you lithium battery and follow any guidance which will be found on your product user manual. Looking after your battery will prolong the life of your mobility product and ensure you can continue getting around in comfort, without any unwanted issues.

Individual lithium batteries may have specific instructions for charging. Please refer to your manual or speak to us if you wish to learn more about caring for your battery.

General maintenance and care for your battery includes:

  • Storing it in a dry place at room temperature

  • Not driving in bad weather conditions or allowing your battery to get wet

  • Ensuring it is charged regularly, in accordance with given instructions

  • Follow any safety requirements

Lithium Battery Warranty

Most Lithium Batteries come with a 1 year warranty, to give you complete peace of mind. If for any reason you have problems with your battery that you have purchased with us, be sure to give us a call. It is also worth noting that we sell batteries and other parts for those who may have products outside of the warranty period.

Speak to a Member of the Team

For any enquiries regarding mobility products, parts and batteries, please give our friendly team of specialists a call on 0800 025 8005. Alternatively, you can book your visit to our flagship showroom in Chessington by giving us a call.

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