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Bariatric Powerchairs

Fri Jan 24 2014

For heavier users, finding a suitable wheelchair can be tricky. Many standard powerchairs will have a weight capacity not much higher than 20 stone, limiting the choice for those that exceed that weight. However, dedicated bariatric powerchairs do exist, and we are able to offer a number of them for hire or purchase, as well as on the Motability scheme.

These wheelchairs tend to be higher end products, as they require advanced engineering to ensure they are sturdy enough, and will need more powerful motors and batteries. Additionally, bariatric wheelchair users can often have more advanced seating needs, and will need something more specialist than a standard seat.

Amongst the heavy user powerchairs we offer are the Sunrise Medical Jive F XL, which combines the advanced performance of the flagship Quickie Jive range with JAY seating options. It has a hefty weight capacity of over 37 stone, as well as a maximum seat width of 25 inches, meaning it is capable of taking most users.

We also offer Pride’s Quantum 1650, a mid-wheel drive powerchair with an impressive 46.5 stone weight capacity. Capable of being fitted with a seat up to 30 inches wide, it is the largest wheelchair in our range.

For further information on our range of bariatric powerchairs, please call us on 0800 0258 005 to speak to a specialist.