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BHTA Code Approved By The Trading Standards Institute

Fri Apr 05 2013

Many of you will have noticed the BHTA roundel displayed on the home page of our website has changed, and wondered what this means. The BHTA, or British Healthcare Trades Association is one of the oldest and best established trade associations in the UK representing over 400 members varying in size from small companies to some of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

As a member of the BHTA, Wheelfreedom is signed up to its rigorous Code of Practice, which has recently been approved by the Trading Standards Institute under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. As a result, the TSI “Approved Code” stamp now features on the logo. Members of the BHTA are required to maintain the very highest standards of customer care, behaving in an ethical manner above and beyond just that required by law.

With many customers looking to hire mobility equipment for the first time, membership of the BHTA helps provides the reassurance that Wheelfreedom is a trustworthy company that looks after its customers properly.