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Complimentary Journey On Emirates Air Line

Wed Oct 23 2013

After campaigning from disabled access groups, the Emirates Air Line, also known as the Thames Cable Car, is now offering a complimentary journey for users of mobility scooters and powerchairs.

This journey is valid until Sunday 27th October, and can be claimed by either going to the North Greenwich Terminal or Royal Victoria Dock Terminal. The Emirates Air Line previously only allowed manual wheelchairs to be used on the service. However, lobbying by Transport for All has resulted in adjustments being made to the doors of the cable cars, allowing scooters and powerchairs to be taken on board.

Weight and dimensions restrictions do remain, meaning that the scooter or powerchair must be no more than 70 cm wide and 130 cm long. Scooter users can also claim a complimentary companion ticket if they wish to, allowing a friend to enjoy the journey too.

The complimentary ticket is a return one, allowing the user to travel across the Thames and back, enjoying the panoramic views across London.