Discontinued Pride Products

Fri Mar 21 2014

Pride Mobility has recently announced that two of their older models of mobility scooters have been discontinued. Both the Ranger and the Colt ES 10 had been in their range for several years, and have now been retired. Pride still make one of the largest ranges of scooters of any UK manufacturer, and for those that were considering the Ranger or Colt ES10, there are a number of alternative models available – either from Pride or other manufacturers.

The Colt ES 10 was an economy pavement scooter offering basic performance. There are numerous alternatives, including the popular Colt 9 from Pride – a very similar scooter, but with modern styling, seat-post suspension, and a more robust design. The Roma Shoprider Sovereign 4 is a similar "traditional" pavement scooter, and remains popular over a decade after its release due to its simplicity and trusted performance.

More advanced alternatives are the Pride Colt Plus, which while a little bit more expensive, comes with a large and comfortably padded captain`s seat to offer extra comfort. Pavement scooters are popular as they have generally offered more comfort than compact boot scooters – however, some recent boot scooters have advanced features that allow them to offer comparable comfort. Examples are Pride`s new Apex Rapid that uniquely comes with full suspension, and the large-wheeled Go Go Elite Traveller Sport that has seat-post suspension and large batteries.

The Pride Ranger was an old and rugged scooter designed for off-road use. While there is no immediate replacement from Pride, either their Pursuit or Executive models are large scooters with full suspension, and capable of road use. For those after a dedicated off-road scooter, TGA are the best option, with their classic Supersport model and advanced Vita X both designed for rugged off-road use.

The flagship Breeze S4 also has a GT upgrade, giving it larger wheels for use on rough terrain. If you need any further advice on selecting an alternate scooter, please don`t hesitate to call one of our product specialists on 0800 0258 005 to discuss your needs.