James on the eFoldi scooter at the Orient Express

eFOLDi Lite Scooter Worldwide Travels - Customer Review

Wed Dec 21 2022

Wheelfreedom customer, James, came to us looking for a mobility scooter to take on his travels around the world. Following a hip replacement, multiple back and neck surgeries and other operations, James was getting around through the use of a hired manual wheelchair. However, this soon became difficult for his wife Caroline to push after she had surgery on her back, herself. The strain of pushing became increasingly difficult and they were seeking a solution that would give James the freedom he deserved, allowing them to enjoy their travels together.

Coming to the Wheelfreedom showroom after their positive experience of hiring a wheelchair, they were shown various products by Mobility Assessor, Paul. James' wife Caroline explained that they wanted a scooter that would allow them to have days out, holidays abroad and trips to town. Caroline really enjoys walking and prefers to avoid public transport and a scooter with a reasonable range would allow her to walk by James' side.

After browsing a range of scooters, Paul advised that the eFoldi Lite would be the best option. Since the scooter is extremely lightweight and highly transportable, it made the ideal solution for their adventures ahead.

Caroline described it as "a gamechanger" for her husband's mobility and ability to participate in different activities. They expressed how "delighted" they were with their recent purchase, sharing pictures of their worldwide adventures so far in Greece, Italy, Slovenia and other beautiful locations.

Together, the couple recently flew with the eFoldi to Greece and then went sailing in the Adriatic coming back on the Orient Express. Below are some pictures of e-foldi’s worldwide adventures.

EFoldi goes cruising on Silver Spirit from Pireaus

E Foldi in Bari, Puglia,  Italy

eFoldi in Perast in Montenegro

eFoldi doing a fantastic job up hill in Piran, Slovenia

eFoldi in St Mark’s Square, Venice

eFoldi travelling on the Orient Express

Both James and Caroline have thoroughly enjoyed their travels abroad. Caroline says "The eFoldi Scooter has improved his life. He can now join in more activities and get out more. Before, he had a tendency to decline events that potentially involved standing, but now we have the solution."

The eFoldi has given them the freedom to travel with ease, in comfort and in style. Together, they plan many more trips with their new scooter purchase.

Why the eFoldi Lite is the ideal travel scooter

Whilst we have many transportable folding scooters available, the eFoldi Lite is extremely popular.

The compact design makes the eFoldi Lite the lightest scooter to have been made, weighing a mere 15kg without the battery. With the ability to be folded into the size of a small suitcase, the eFoldi Lite can fit into the boot of a small car, be wheeled along and stored in overhead storage on public transport.

Benefits of the eFoldi Lite Mobility Scooter:

  • It is easy to use

  • Lightweight yet robust, with a weight capacity of 120kg/19 Stone

  • Folding to fit into the boot of a car

  • Airline safe for travelling abroad

Get your free demonstration of the eFoldi Lite Scooter at Wheelfreedom

If you are interested in purchasing the eFoldi Lite and wish to find out more, you can visit our industry leading mobility showroom in Chessington, Surrey.

We stock a broad range of mobility scooters including lightweight folding scooters, pavement scooters, road scooters and off-road models up to 8mph.

Here, you can speak with a mobility specialist who can advise you on the latest products and suitability to your individual needs. To book your appointment, simply get in touch by calling 0800 025 8005.

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