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Featured Product: Heavy User Wheelchair

Wed Mar 13 2013

Our Heavy User Wheelchair is a versatile bariatric wheelchair, designed for users between 18 and 26 stone. It has a padded sling and backrest to ensure the comfort of the user, and the armrests can be removed to allow easy transfer into and out of the wheelchair. Manufactured by Sunrise Medical, the RubiX XL wheelchair weighs only two kilograms more than our Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair, despite being designed to accommodate heavier users.

Additionally, it is foldable, making it easy to transport in a car, or abroad on holiday. As with all our wheelchairs, the Heavy User Wheelchair is self-propelled, giving the option to either push it, or have the user move themselves.

The large rear wheels make the wheelchair well-suited to outdoor use, and allow the user to change the direction they face when in social situations. We are also able to provide this wheelchair with elevated leg rests for those needing to recuperate from an injury such as a broken ankle.