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Featured Product: Knee Scooter

Wed May 01 2013

While it may resemble a kid’s tricycle, the Knee Scooter actually plays a vital role in injury rehabilitation. Much like our Leg Trolley, it is designed to aid in recovery from foot or ankle injuries, and is used by placing your knee and upper shin on the cushioned “seat” and walking along normally with it.

The Knee Scooter has large wheels, handlebars and brakes to allow it to be used outdoors, meaning it is the perfect accompaniment for a trip to the shops or to get some exercise in the local park. Unlike a wheelchair, it allows the user to continue to bear weight on their uninjured leg, and the upper part of their injured one, maintaining fitness and muscle tone.

Many of our customers have told us of the enjoyment they’ve had from gliding along outside with a knee scooter, and of the admiring (or jealous) glances they’ve attracted while doing so. So if you’ve got a foot or ankle injury and want to get out and about, while perhaps re-living your childhood, give us a call and hire a Knee Scooter!