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Featured Product: Orthopaedic Leg Trolley

Thu Jan 03 2013

The Orthopaedic Leg Trolley is one of the newer products in our hire fleet, and is something that many people are still unaware of. Also known as the K9, the leg trolley is designed to assist the rehabilitation of people with lower leg injuries.

The leg trolley is primarily for indoors use, and replaces the need for crutches, leaving hands and arms free - no more struggling to make a cup of tea while balancing on crutches. Weighing a mere 6 kilos, the leg trolley is easy to, using pressure through the knee, though the hand support on the front can be used to assist.

The knee is cushioned by 5 individual pieces of foam, comfortably supporting the injured leg. The height is adjustable, and with a maximum user weight of 180 kilos (28 stone), the leg trolley is designed to fit all users.

If you have a ruptured Achilles tendon, broken foot or ankle, bunions, sprained ankle or ligament damage, fractured heel, or another lower leg injury, then the leg trolley may well be ideal for you.