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Featured Product: Pride Sparky Powerchair

Fri Aug 23 2013

Just like shoes and school uniforms, children can quickly outgrow a wheelchair. It’s therefore vital when looking to get a paediatric wheelchair for the long-term to ensure that it is capable of growing alongside your child.

The Pride Sparky is from a new generation of wheelchairs that accommodates this, and comes with fully adjustable seating arrangements. The width and depth of the Sparky’s seat can be adjusted from 10 – 14 inches, and the footrest length can be altered too. This means the wheelchair will last a number of years, always fitting your child while they grow.

The Pride Sparky also offers a couple of advanced features not normally found as standard on powerchairs, namely powered tilt and manual recline to assist with posture. The Sparky is a compact wheelchair, meaning it doesn’t take up too much space – ideal for a child.

For further information on the Pride Sparky, call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to one of our specialists.