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Featured Product: Sterling Sapphire 2

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The Sterling Sapphire 2 is our featured product this week, and while not a new mobility scooter, it has remained consistently popular with customers due to its unique offerings. The Sapphire offers all the performance traditionally associated with larger pavement scooters, whilst remaining highly transportable. Simple to use, it comes with the engineering quality that Sunrise Medical`s Sterling range is known for.

The larger frame gives the Sapphire 2 extra stability compared with boot scooters, as well as allowing more leg room – ideal for taller users, who might otherwise be cramped in a smaller scooter. Big wheels provide a smoother ride, meaning the driver won`t feel every bump in the pavement.

One of the standout features is the range of the Sapphire 2, which at 19 miles on a single charge far outstrips that of many similarly priced, or even more expensive, scooters. This combines with the transportable nature of the scooter to mean that the Sapphire is a versatile scooter that is great for regaining your freedom to get out and about.

Other small touches show the thought that have gone into the design, with carry handles on the rear motor and split batteries to make lifting them much easier. All this combines to make the Sapphire 2 a highly transportable scooter that doesn`t come with the usual limitations of boot scooters.

If you`d like to hire or purchase the Sapphire 2, or would like further information on it, please call us on 0800 0258 005.