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Featured Product: TGA Vita Lite

Fri Dec 06 2013

The Vita Lite may be smallest member of TGA`s popular Vita range, but it retains the impressive styling and performance the Vita brand is known for. Released just a few months ago, it is a modern mid-sized scooter that offers cutting-edge features.

It comes with the same advanced motorbike-inspired suspension as the larger Vita scooters, meaning the Vita Lite continues to provide a smooth drive over even bumpy ground. Capable of being driven on roads, the Vita Lite has a respectable 6 mph top speed. LCD controls allow the scooter to be driven easily, and offer more information at a glance than is available on more traditional "dial" controllers.

As suggested by the name, the Vita Lite is a more compact scooter, making it easier to store, and giving it extra manoeuvrability. While it does lack the headrest found on larger Vitas, as well as the advanced lighting, it is significantly cheaper – ideal for people that want an affordable yet stylish mid-sized scooter.