Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Fri May 02 2014

For some people, when choosing a mobility scooter, the weight capacity is a key factor in deciding which one to go for, often due to medical conditions such as diabetes. Our range of scooters therefore includes several heavy duty models that cater to larger users while still offering a good range of features.

Amongst these scooters, the most popular is TGA`s flagship Breeze S4 model. Considered their top of the range scooter, it offers outstanding performance from a reliable and trusted brand. Larger and sturdier than other scooters, the Breeze has a 31 stone weight capacity. However, it is not the only option for those needing a scooter with a large weight capacity.

One popular alternative is the Pride Maxima, which is a much more affordable scooter. While it offers less performance, being restricted to pavement rather than road use, it is available in both a 3 and 4 wheel variant, and has a hefty 35 stone weight capacity.

TGA`s Supersport is another choice, the classic and stylish scooter still going strong after two decades of service. Aimed more at those intending to go off-road rather than sticking to paved areas, the Supersport`s simple and robust design allows it to take people of us to 31 stone.

Finally, there is the Breeze S4 Max – the ultimate version of TGA`s Breeze, with up-rated suspension, a larger seat, and an unrivalled 39 stone weight capacity. While the top speed is reduced to 6 mph to cater for a higher torque power unit, the Breeze S4 Max still offers the best weight capacity of any scooter we offer.