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Indoor Powerchairs

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While all powered wheelchairs are capable of being used indoors, there are some that are specialised for inside use only, with compact design and manoeuvrability to negotiate tight spaces such as corridors and doors.

These indoor-only powerchairs also tend to be cheaper than Indoor/Outdoor ones, making them a sensible option for people that will only use their wheelchair indoors. The most popular type are basic compact powerchairs like the Pride Go Chair. With rear-wheel drive, flip-up footboards, and an extremely small footprint, they are great at getting around inside. They can even be dismantled for occasional transport if needed, and take up very little room for storage.

At the more advanced end of the spectrum is the mid-wheel drive Quickie Hula, which can have more specialised seating. The JAY comfort range of seats and backs can be fitted, as well as various legrest, headrest and lateral support options. This can be set up exactly to your size, offering increased comfort and support. Of course, plenty of Indoor/Outdoor wheelchairs excel at indoor use, and are perfectly viable options to use indoors only.

The Quickie Salsa is a step up from the Hula, and can have powered seating options such as lift and tilt fitted. Another popular choice is the Jazzy Select 6, with a larger, more comfortable seat than models like the Reno. For further information on our powerchairs suitable for indoor use, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to a specialist.

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