Insuring your Mobility Scooter

Insuring your Mobility Scooter: A Comprehensive Guide

Wed Jun 05 2024

A mobility scooter is more than just a vehicle - it's a lifeline that allows you to maintain your independence and freedom. You’ll want the peace of mind to rely on it and be protected if things don’t go to plan. Fortunately insurance is available to cover a multitude of situations which might arise. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of insuring your mobility scooter, including what to look for, common coverage options and a handy checklist to ensure you get the best policy for your needs.

Why Insure Your Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are expensive investments, and the cost of repairs or replacement can be substantial. Insurance provides financial protection against a variety of risks, including:

  • Accidental damage

  • Third-party liability for injuries or property damage caused by your scooter

  • Theft

  • Fire, flood, or other natural disasters

  • Vandalism or malicious damage

There’s no law which says you have to insure your scooter but without proper cover you may have to pay costs arising from the above out of your own pocket, which can be a significant financial burden. 

Types of Mobility Scooter Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies will usually offer coverage in the form of different packages and levels of cover so you can choose the policy that meets your needs and budget. The cover levels will vary depending on the policy you choose. It’s worth pointing out that some insurers may cover powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, walking aids under the same policy as mobility scooters.

Fundamentally, it’s good practice to insure your scooter against the basics such as accidental damage, third-party liability, fire, theft and vandalism but insurance companies will usually offer additional benefits like breakdown recovery, puncture care, personal accident cover and worldwide travel cover, either as standard or optional extras.

We recommend you look for an insurance policy which, as a minimum, includes all of the following:

Accidental Damage Coverage

This will cover repair or replacement costs if your mobility scooter is accidentally damaged, for example, from a collision or dropping it.

Third-Party Liability Coverage

This should cover you if you accidentally cause injury to others or damage their property while operating your mobility scooter. It provides protection against legal expenses and compensation claims.

Theft Coverage

This will cover the cost of replacing your mobility scooter if it is stolen or damaged by attempted theft.

Fire and Vandalism Coverage

This should cover damage or loss caused by fire, flood, or acts of vandalism.

And find out if coverage is also offered for:


This provides assistance if your mobility scooter breaks down, such as roadside recovery or transportation to a repair facility. Alternatively, it might be the reimbursement of reasonable recovery expenses to get you and your equipment home following a breakdown.

Puncture Care

This covers the cost of repairing punctured tires on your mobility scooter, including callout charges.

Worldwide/Holiday Travel

This will extend coverage when you travel abroad with your mobility scooter for a specified number of days.

Temporary Hire

The cost of hiring new equipment will be covered should your mobility scooter need to be repaired or replaced.

Personal Accident

This will provide coverage for medical expenses if you are injured while operating your mobility scooter.

New-for-old Replacement

If your mobility scooter is stolen within a stated period (say the first two years of ownership), or accidentally damaged within say three years of ownership, some insurance companies offer new-for-old replacement coverage. 

Personal Effects

Some policies will cover personal effects up to a limited value. This value will largely be governed by the premium you pay.

As with most types of insurance, the cheaper the premium the higher the excess so check this part when looking through package options.

Factors Affecting Mobility Scooter Insurance Rates

Bear in mind when applying that several factors may influence the cost of your mobility scooter insurance premiums, including:

  • Type of mobility scooter

  • Age & experience level of the rider

  • Location where the scooter is used & stored

  • Level of coverage chosen

  • Potential for liability claims

  • Driving history & past insurance claims

  • Discounts offered by the insurer

  • Type of policy purchased 

  • Value of the mobility scooter & its accessories

  • Frequency and type of use

  • Length of the policy term

  • Any additional riders or endorsements you add to your policy

By understanding how these factors can affect insurance costs, you can make an informed decision on the best policy for your mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooter Insurance Checklist

To ensure you are adequately covered, follow this checklist when looking for mobility scooter insurance:

  • Determine the value of your mobility scooter and decide on coverage limits accordingly.

  • Compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the best coverage at the most affordable rate. 

  • Choose an insurer with a good reputation for customer service and handling claims. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members who may have experience with mobility scooter insurance.

  • Make sure the policy covers accidental damage, third-party liability, fire, theft and vandalism.

  • Consider other types of coverage on offer like breakdown recovery, puncture care and worldwide travel.

  • Evaluate your liability coverage needs based on your assets and potential risks.

  • Inquire about discounts for safety features, anti-theft devices, or bundling with other insurance policies, such as home or auto, for a discounted rate.

  • Review the policy's excess amount and choose an amount you're comfortable paying out of pocket in case of a claim.

  • Understand the policy's exclusions and limitations.

  • Consider increasing your excess – a higher excess usually means lower premiums.

  • Keep an eye out for any available discounts, such as safe driver discounts or loyalty discounts for longtime customers.

  • Keep your insurance documents and policy information in a safe and accessible place.

Insuring your mobility scooter is a wise investment that can provide peace of mind and financial protection. By understanding your coverage options and following the checklist provided, you can ensure that you're adequately covered in case of an unexpected event. 

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