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Introducing The New Apex Rapid

Fri Dec 13 2013

The latest addition to our fleet of scooters is Pride`s new Apex Rapid. An upgrade on the popular Go Go range, it is a luxury travel scooter with impressive features. The stand-out feature on the Apex Rapid is the full suspension – something not found on any other scooter of its size, and which gives a far more comfortable ride than on more basic scooters.

Pride’s new Comfort-Trac Suspension means that both the front and rear wheels of the Apex Rapid have suspension, cushioning the driver against bumps – crucial on the uneven pavements that are often found these days. Other luxury touches include a delta tiller with comfortable handlebars that can be held in a variety of grips, suitable even for those with limited dexterity.

While boot scooters have traditionally sacrificed this level of comfort to remain transportable, the Apex Rapid remains extremely compact and still lightweight. This allows it to be transported in most cars with just as much ease as a more basic scooter. Coming with high capacity 18 Ah batteries as standard, the Apex Rapid allows you to go further, and in more comfort than could previously be managed with a fully transportable scooter.

Available from just £15 per week on long term hire, please call us on 0800 0258 005 for further information on the new Apex Rapid.