Image of two rogue 2 wheelchairs in the wheelfreedom showroom. Left is matte black with gold details and the right rogue 2 is in aqua.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Ki Mobility’s Adjustable Lightweight Rogue 2 Wheelchair

Wed Jan 11 2023

At Wheelfreedom, we are pleased to announce our latest product launch – Ki Mobility’s Rogue 2. Ki Mobility are well known for their high quality lightweight rigid wheelchairs and are a popular choice amongst our customers.

The Rogue 2 is a prime example of Ki Mobility's expert engineering, crafting a wheelchair that offers unrivalled support and comfort for those with limited mobility. Replacing the original Rogue, it is a great addition to our showroom, and is quickly becoming a number one best seller at Wheelfreedom.

Ki Mobility's Rogue 2

Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Rogue 2 weighs from a mere 4.8kg and is lighter than any other adjustable aluminium wheelchair available on the market! It is rigid and highly responsive and includes finer details such as lowered castor wings for added manoeuvrability and support with transfers.

The minimalistic yet clever design of the Rogue 2 is the exact reason our customers are falling in love with it. It takes up little space, is highly practical and extremely adjustable.

Adjustability and Customisation of the Rogue 2

Generally speaking, the more adjustable an active wheelchair is, the heavier it becomes. This is why the Rogue 2 by Ki Mobility is so unique. It is a fully customisable chair that can be easily adjusted in a multitude of ways, yet remains the lightest adjustable aluminium chair on the market and is even lighter than some welded and carbon chairs!

The Rogue 2 has the option to feature an adjustable seat depth, height and even more exclusively, a reclining back rest that reclines either 4 or 9 degrees. It may sound minor, but this unique feature is extremely beneficial in helping the wheelchair user relax in a tilted position, preventing them from leaning forward when propelling. The reclining backrest can be adjusted manually without the use for any tools and is great for handbikes and front wheel attachments, changing the seating angle.

Customise your Rogue 2 wheelchair

The Rogue 2 is a fully customisable active wheelchair, to give you a personalised style that will also offer you the correct level of support. Customisation of the Rogue 2 include:

  • 21 different colour choices in matte and gloss

  • Wheels

  • Handrims

  • Brakes

  • Sideguards

  • Anti-tips that can be folded away

  • Accessories such as frame protectors, luggage carriers, underneath pouches, crutch holders, transit wheels and much more.

What the Product Specialists and Customers say about the Rogue 2

Despite only being launched in the new year, the Rogue 2 is immediately proving popular with customers.

Retail Manager Martin Pain, says "It's a brilliant chair. Customers are selecting this chair because it has nice styling and power add-ons can be easily attached. It's really adjustable and the recliner option is a big hit. It's a high-end chair but not too expensive to consider for a first time chair if you're not looking to spend too much."

Active Wheelchair Specialist Jess Watson, commented further: "It is so much lighter than the other aluminium wheelchairs we stock. Like Martin says, it is really adjustable and the backrest can be adjusted whilst the user is sitting in the chair. It's a very smart looking chair".

Other Types of Rogue Products by Ki Mobility

At Wheelfreedom we stock a broad range of manual wheelchairs manufactured by Ki Mobility. Other popular products in the Rogue range include the Rogue ALX and the Rogue XP.

The Rogue ALX is similar to the Rogue 2, offering more adjustability but is slightly heavier. Many people may opt for the Rogue ALX as it is great value for money and is very much suited to new active wheelchair users.

The Rogue XP wheelchair is suitable for growing children and teens. The wheelchair can grow both in seat width and depth as the teenager does, fitting them for years to come as they go through growth spurts or fill out.

You can explore more of Ki Mobility's products here.

Book your demo of the Rogue 2

If you are interested in the Rogue 2 wheelchair by Ki Mobility, then book your appointment at our flagship showroom in Chessington.

To book your appointment, please call 0800 025 8005.

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