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Kuschall Launch New KSL

Thu Oct 29 2020

Kuschall have completed their modern 2.0 range with the addition of the Kuschall Super Light. A fully welded chair, this is the lightest model in the Kuschall family, weighing just 4.3 kg.

The KSL is the perfect chair for a highly active individual who is experienced with wheelchairs, and thus knows their perfect position. With its hydroformed frame, the KSL benefits from the latest technology in wheelchair design, maximising rigidity and featuring unique minimalist styling.

We're excited to be adding the KSL to our range - it's an ultra-light chair that surprisingly comes in at a lower cost than some other manufacturers' flagship rigid chairs - many of which are heavier too! It's the obvious step up if you've had a K-Series before and want a chair that's just that bit lighter.