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Magic 360: The All-Terrain Powerchair

Tue Apr 26 2022

At Wheelfreedom, we stock a broad range of Powerchairs to suit your individual needs. Our most recent product launch is the Magic 360– an all-terrain, prescriptive powerchair. Made in Australia, the design of the Magic 360 was intended to take on the toughest surfaces so you can explore freedom in all conditions.

With much anticipation, the Magic 360 has now been launched in the UK. We are proud to be one of the main suppliers of this innovative piece of technology that will benefit many powerchair users.

Who are Magic Mobility?

Magic Mobility are a leading Australian Powered Wheelchair designer, developer, and manufacturer who have been established for over 25 years. From the onset, their aim has been to give people independence through high quality products and choice.

Magic 360 All-Terrain Powerchair

There are three different types of powerchairs available – front wheel, rear wheel, and mid wheel drive.

Off-road models of front and rear wheel drive powerchairs can be excellent for off-road use. However, the off-road models are too big for everyday life. Small, basic front wheel drive powerchairs that are not designed for off-road use, will only be suitable for indoor and every day use. Ultimately, this has led users finding themselves purchasing two different powerchairs.

The Magic 360 All-Terrain Powerchair is the premium solution. The Magic 360 is the only powerchair on the market to combine indoor manoeuvrability with true off-road capability.

Magic 360 Powerchair features

When designing, developing and manufacturing the Magic 360, every single detail was considered. We have listed the main features of this powerchair that make it one of a kind on the market.

Narrow chassis and base

The Magic 30 is very compact with a 610mm chassis and base, resulting in a turning circle of just 1230mm to help you can navigate around most indoor environments, including kitchens, corridors and lifts.

Changeable wheels for different uses

When designing a powerchair, every centimetre is valuable. For this reason, you can change the standard Crossover wheels to Urban wheels to reduce the base width. Off-road wheels are also available for users who wish to explore even tougher terrain.

Powerchair suspension and comfort

Moreover, the Magic 360 offers exceptional suspension and comfort. As previously noted by Rehab Engineer, Jordan Davies, in our recent article, Innovations in Wheelchair Vibration Dampening, "increased exposure to whole body vibration has been shown to induce or exaggerate back pain, neck pain, fatigue, spasticity, and pressure injuries." For daily life, this is a serious issue.

The ‘No jiggle all-wheel suspension’ are designed to dampen every bump in the road to limit the damaging effects of vibrations. Anti-pitch technology also prevents any halting when stopping on slopes.

Other features

The powerchair also features single arm castor forks, magnetised hub covers, cross over wheels and various colour choices to give you a custom chair that is entirely bespoke to your needs and lifestyle.

Magic 360 powerchair base and wheels

Who is the Magic 360 Powerchair suitable for?

The Magic 360 all-terrain powerchair is suitable for both children and adults. Paediatric powerchairs that are able to tackle rough terrain are very difficult to come across, making this particular powerchair very unique, with much room for growth.

Whether you reside in the countryside, city or a coastal area, the unrivalled design and engineering of the the Magic 360 suits all lifestyles and ages.

Magic 360 Powerchair Demonstration

If you are interested in a demonstration of the Magic 360 powerchair, get in touch with a member of the team to book your appointment at our Chessington Showroom.

Our team of specialists can provide expert knowledge and impartial advice to help you find a suitable mobility solution, tailored to your needs.

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