Mid-Sized Scooters - The Best of Both Worlds

Thu Jan 08 2015

Mid-sized mobility scooters are one of our most popular types of scooters, offering the "best of both worlds". Not as large or expensive as full-sized scooters, they nonetheless offer comfort and performance unrivalled by more basic pavement-only mobility scooters.

The term "mid-sized scooters" is used to refer to class 3 (i.e. road legal) scooters that are more compact than full-sized scooters. They usually have a top speed of 6 mph, though some are available that can manage speeds of 8 mph. Their relatively compact size makes them easier to manoeuvre, and much easier to store than the bulky full-sized scooters – an important consideration especially in the London area. This also helps to make them much more affordable than larger scooters.

They offer a number of upgrades over pavement scooters – as well as being able to go faster, they can usually go further too, with longer ranges. The key benefit however, is comfort – with mid-sized scooters all coming with full suspension and large high-back seats. In fact, many people who get these scooters use them on pavements only, choosing them for the smoother ride they offer.

Our favourite mid-sized scooter is the Pride Colt Deluxe, a modern, reliable design that is incredibly affordable given what it offers. Popular alternatives include the slightly wider Colt Sport that comes with an uprated 8 mph top speed, and Invacare`s Orion with its impressive range of up to 26 miles on a single charge.

Further information on these models, and our other mid-sized scooters can be found on our website, or by calling our mobility specialists on 0800 025 8005.