Motability: Five Reasons To Join

Mon Nov 17 2014

The Motability scheme is a popular way of leasing a powered wheelchair or scooter, and has over 600,000 satisfied customers already. Here are five reasons to join the scheme:

  1. Affordable, hassle-free payments - taken off your DLA or PIP automatically, with no large up-front costs.

  2. Wide range of products - including scooters and powered wheelchairs from all the leading manufacturers, and to suit all budgets and needs. Some products can be further adapted if needed, for example our configurable powerchairs.

  3. Worry free mobility - including breakdown cover, insurance, and battery and tyre replacements. Annual services are also carried out to ensure your scooter or wheelchair remain in top working condition. All this is included as part of the lease, for no extra charge.

  4. Specialist assessments - a demonstration at your home address to ensure the scooter or wheelchair is suitable for your requirements.

  5. New wheelchair or scooter - a brand new product, never used before, and the chance to get a new one every three years.

For further information on the scheme, or to join, please call us on 0800 025 8005.