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New 17.8 kg mLite Folding Scooter

Thu Oct 22 2020

We are proud to be the first to launch Motion Healthcare's stunning new mLite scooter, which weighs a mere 17.8 kg - the lightest folding scooter on the market.

Folding scooters have revolutionised the market since first appearing around a decade ago. Their convenient, simple-to-fold design saves you from having to dismantle your scooter for transport, and makes them a breeze to store. However, the downside has always been that you have to lift the whole scooter at once, which generally involves lifting around 25 kg.

The mLite totally overcomes these drawbacks, with its ultra-light total weight of just 17.8 kg. This makes it the lightest scooter around, and incredibly easy to lift.

We think the mLite is a great scooter - and despite its minimal weight, it remains comfortable and powerful. If you want to give the new mLite a test drive, visit our Chessington showroom or give us a ring on 0800 025 8005 to arrange a home demo.