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New Apex Finesse

Wed Aug 26 2015

The long-awaited Apex Finesse has finally debuted – this addition to Pride’s prestigious Apex range is the first pavement scooter to come with full suspension, offering levels of comfort only usually found on road scooters.

Exclusively available through a limited set of selected Pride dealers, the Apex Finesse is the ultimate pavement scooter, with modern stylish looks. Despite the appearance, its comfort is actually the main draw of the scooter, with the full front and rear suspension unique to a pavement scooter. Safety features such as lights, indicators and a rear-view mirror come as standard – again, these are only usually found on Class 3 road scooters.

Despite this, the Apex Finesse is now far off the cost of Pride’s Colt Deluxe – itself, a 6 mph road scooter with full suspension, lights and a high-back seat. This does beg the question of why you should get the Finesse when the Deluxe is only slightly more. Which one you go for is really up to personal preference – the Deluxe goes further and faster, and has a more comfortable seat, but is an older model of scooter.

The Finesse is slightly cheaper, and has a more modern appearance, and the improvements in performance and suspension one would expect with a more recent model. There are more Pride scooters on the way, including the folding Quest, the Sprint large boot scooter, and the Spirit and Spirit Plus – a new pavement and road scooter respectively, both with suspension. As soon as those products are available, we will be updating you on them.