New Boot Scooters from Pride and TGA

Wed Jun 21 2017

This week has seen three new boot scooters released, the Zest and Zest Plus from TGA, as well as the Apex Lite from Pride Mobility. We profile these new products, and how they compare to others in our range.

The Zest is a high-end modern boot scooter with both front and rear suspension - a rare feature on a transportable scooter. It is essentially TGA's equivalent of Pride's popular Apex Rapid, with the benefit of TGA's market leading 2 year warranty. However, it is more expensive than the Apex Rapid, which is already well established as one of the best boot scooters available today.

As the name suggests, the Zest Plus is a larger version of the Zest. It is still transportable, thanks to the nifty split battery box, although it is obviously slightly larger and heavier than its smaller cousin. The larger size makes it ideal for taller people who otherwise struggle for legroom, while the bigger batteries give it a longer range, overcoming two of the big weaknesses of traditional boot scooters.

Finally, the Apex Lite is the latest addition to Pride's premium Apex range of scooters. It is essentially an upgrade on the best-selling Go Go, at a minimal increase in cost. Additions such as the high-level charging port and enhanced weight capacity, make this an outstanding basic boot scooter, and real value for money.

For further information on any of these scooters, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to one of our scooter specialists.