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New Clematis Pro Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Thu Nov 05 2020

Invacare have released their new Clematis Pro this month, replacing the old Rea Clematis as their entry-level tilt in space wheelchair. It comes in at a much lower price point than their popular Rea Azalea, offering a more affordable tilt in space model for those without advanced clinical needs.

The Clematis Pro has all the features you would expect of a tilt in space wheelchair, including comfortable padded seating, 25° of seat tilt, and 30° of backrest recline. Combined with the elevating leg rests, this helps the wheelchair user lie back in a relaxed position.

Improvements to the Clematis Pro include an increase the maximum tilt level, for further pressure relief - the original Rea Clematis had just 20°. It also has stylish black tyres and a sand-coloured frame, for a much more modern feel than the old Clematis, which had a very clinical "hospital" feel to it.

The Pro is available in two versions - the standard Transit in three sizes, or a slightly more expensive Self-Propelled variant that has some more configuration options to it.

While most tilt in space wheelchair users will benefit from the more bespoke comfort and fit that the Rea Azalea offers, for those with less complex requirements, the new Clematis Pro offers good value.

Transit version (left), Self-Propelled version (right)