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New Exclusive TGA Puncture Sealant

Thu Feb 06 2014

TGA has just launched an exclusive new puncture sealant for all their mobility scooters with pneumatic tyres. This unique new system has been proven to solve around 90% of punctures, and as a prestigious A-Class Retailer of TGA scooters, we are able to offer this upgrade for free.

Pneumatic tyres have long been known to provide a more comfortable ride than solid wheels made from denser rubber, and also reduce wear on the axles. However, even with the reliability of TGA scooters, the risk of punctures has always been present from debris left on pavements and roads. TGA`s new puncture sealant ensures that even if the tyre or inner tube is punctured, the scooter can usually continue with unaffected performance.

The system contains an environmentally-friendly latex-free compound that includes fibres that bind together to form an airtight surface. This is injected into tyres, and continually provides a protective coating to the inside of the tyre. Should a puncture occur, then internal air pressure and centrifugal force forces the solution into the hole – sealing it up instantly.

Based on technology used in large commercial vehicles such as aviation ground support and agricultural vehicles, this new sealant removes the needs to carry around a puncture repair kit or to immediately replace a punctured tyre. This gives the driver the peace of mind that they can continue to drive their TGA scooter independently and in total comfort.