New Pride i-Go Folding Powerchair

Tue Jul 18 2017

We often get enquiries from people after folding powerchairs that they can easily transport in the back of their car, without the need for an adapted vehicle, ramps or hoists. Until recently, the choice has been limited - traditional "folding" chairs are far too heavy, often even beyond what two people can safely lift. Invacare's popular Esprit Action 4 NG has been the only powered wheelchair that is truly transportable - but as a prescriptive built-to-order chair, costs over £3,000. Pride's new i-Go fills this niche - a more affordable chair that is easy to transport.

No complex disassembly is required - the ultra-light Lithium-ion batteries can be simply slid out, the joystick unplugged, and that's it - just fold it and you're ready to go. With the batteries removed, the chair weighs just under 20 kg, making it possible for a single able-bodied person to lift into and out of a car. The i-Go will stand up (as pictured) when folded, ensuring it takes up a minimal amount of space in your vehicle, and also allowing for convenient storage around the house when not in use.

More affordable than the Esprit, retailing at just under £2,000, the i-Go is the best value transportable powerchair on the market.

The i-Go does have limitations, necessary to ensure its compact size and light weight, meaning it should keep to flat, paved surfaces only. The seating is also "one size fits all", as against the Esprit's, which is more prescriptive for a much better fit.

Despite this, the i-Go is an impressive performer, and a viable replacement for those with boot scooters who want to be able to get around indoors too, or who struggle with a scooter's handlebars. For further information, or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 0800 025 8005.