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New Pronto Air

Tue Feb 09 2016

Invacare have recently launched their new Pronto Air - an addition to their range of indoor powerchairs. However, they are quick to claim that the Pronto Air is "not a wheelchair; it`s a new Personal Transporter" - and so we look into this new product, and just what it offers.

From the start, it`s clear that the Pronto Air is certainly not a traditional wheelchair - it looks nothing like the Roma Reno or other comparable indoor powerchairs, indeed more closely resembling an office desk chair - albeit a very stylish one. This redesign is key to the Pronto Air`s appeal, as it is a powerchair that you would be comfortable to be seen using around the workplace.

Being comfortable is, of course, another priority of the Pronto Air, and Invacare boast that their new MyBody Seating "promotes better posture through contoured, pressure relieving foam and natural points of rest which may result in less fatigue." The high-back seat is definitely an improvement on those found on equivalent indoor powered wheelchairs, with ergonomic contouring, an adjustable headrest, and even up to 32° of manual recline, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Beneath the marketing talk, the Pronto Air is a basic indoor powerchair, with some limited outdoor capabilities. While it may not be a complete reinvention of the wheel, it nonetheless is a cut above the competition, with an appearance you can embrace rather than be embarrassed about, and offering a significant improvement in comfort.