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New Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Tue Nov 10 2015

Following quickly on from the success of the Jive Up, Sunrise Medical have announced another variant in their flagship Jive range. While the Jive M Hybrid may initially seem a confusing concept, it in fact makes perfect sense: you get the powerful outdoor performance of the Jive M with the more affordable (yet still highly configurable) Salsa seating system.

What this means, is that for those who weigh under 22 stone, and don’t require a seat size of more than 20 by 20 inches, the Jive M Hybrid is the sensible choice – you get all the same performance and options at a significantly lower price point. The Jive M Hybrid comes with a tension adjustable backrest and JAY Basic cushion as standard, meaning that if you only need this basic seating arrangement, there’s no need to pay extra for more advanced seating. Of course, for people that want JAY Comfort backrests or even the clinical JAY 3, these can still be fitted, as well as all the powered positioning options you`d expect on a high-end powerchair.

The Jive M Hybrid also features new matt black colouring to the base and frame, giving it a distinctive modern and stylish appearance. With the ultimate mid-wheel drive performance of the Jive M base with a more affordable seating system, the Jive M Hybrid is a logical addition to Sunrise Medical’s market-leading Quickie powerchair range.

For further information on this exciting new powerchair, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to our of our product specialists, who can arrange a demonstration and assessment with a Quickie Professional.